UN says more focus must be paid to health and sanitation goals

Posted 5 September 2017

Poor sanitationThe United Nation’s global water and sanitation goals cannot be achieved unless all nations are also willing to address environmental issues, according to United Nations General Assembly President Peter Thomson.

Delivering an opening address at World Water Week, which was held in Stockholm last week, Thomson said the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by members of the United Nations in 2015 are directly linked to one another and should not be approached separately. 

“None should imagine that the state of sanitation and coral reefs are anything but directly connected,” Thomson said. 

“It makes no sense to consider terrestrial environmental issues, fresh water challenges or climate change in isolation.”

Thomson said a united effort by all nations in achieving water and sanitation goals is needed if other SDGs are to be accomplished

“SDG6, the water and sanitation goal, is in need of a major push,” he said.  

“The time is right, thus I encourage you all to join together to develop concerted global action to deliver on the targets of [that goal].”

Sweden’s Minister for Environment Karolina Skog said effective wastewater management is crucial to achieving better results for the environment as a whole. 

“Sustainable and efficient management of our water and wastewater…has a profound effect on all aspects of human life: economic growth, sustainable development, sustainable city planning, circular thinking in industry and in production, energy saving, good quality of our water and, last but not least, it is crucial for health and for a sustainable environment,” she said. 

The theme of this year’s World Water Week was ‘Water and Waste: reduce and reuse’. This year’s event included 3000 participants from almost 130 countries.

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