Consumer Outlook 2015

Australian Water Consumer Outlook 2015

Do we think and talk about water only when we are in drought? Do we complain about the price of water, but are happy to pay $3 a bottle for it at the shop? Do urban residents think differently about water to people living in rural and regional areas? These questions and more are explored in the Australian Water Association and Arup’s Australian Water Consumer Outlook. To download the report please click on the link below.

Download PDF Australian Water Consumer Outlook 2015 - Full report

Media releases

Download PDF National Water Survey shows Australians concerned about water shortages but interested in new solutions

Download PDF NSW community worried about drought

Download PDF Western Australians say price of water too low

Download PDF Queenslanders think price of water is too high

Download PDF Victorians concerned about climate change, drought and population growth

Download PDF Northern Territorians think they pay too much for water

Download PDF South Australians concerned about drought, climate change and intensive agriculture

Download PDF Canberrans confident about water security

State reports

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