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About the Channeling Change Program

The Australian Water Association in collaboration with the Australian Water Partnership has introduced a new program focused on increasing diversity, inclusion and equality in the water sector, across our membership base, with our stakeholders nationally and with our affiliated water organisations across the Asia Pacific Region.

Our goal is to lead by example and show how encouraging the right behaviours can galvanise support for a more diverse, inclusive and equal sector. We want to acknowledge the positive change the Australian sector has already demonstrated to inspire further diversity, inclusion and equality in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region. The program includes the promotion of success stories, videos capturing individual stories, workshops on engagement, promoting panel parity at events, and capacity building projects in the Asia Pacific regions to link innovation in the water sector with diversity, inclusion, and equality.

The program focuses on raising awareness and support for improved outputs on:

Diversity: who’s sitting around the table, who’s being recruited, who’s being promoted, who we are tracking from the traditional characteristics and identities of gender and ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and disability - to name a few.
Inclusion: the promotion of behaviours that welcome and embrace our diversity. How people are feeling – how the diversity of voices and identities are encouraged and supported. The program seeks to highlight the strengths and benefits gained through our diversity.
Empowerment: how do we empower people to rise above traditional attitudes? In particular, how can the Australian water sector help empower women in developing countries in the Asia Pacific region? 

If you would like to get involved in the program to share your or your organisation’s success stories, contact Kiri Goschnick at the Australian Water Association.


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