Background information

2012 Review of the WIST Charter

Following discussions based on the Business Plan Review which was presented at their Feb 2012 meeting, WIST undertook to streamline their activities as recommended by the review. This in turn required a full review of the WIST Charter. This review has now been completed and adopted by the WIST at the July 2012 meeting. A copy of the revised Charter is available for download.

2011 AWA National Water Skills Audit Report 

AWA undertook a national skills audit of the Australian water industry throughout August and September 2011. The purpose of the audit was to obtain current information about the Australian water sector’s workforce including skills needs and requirements that could be used to guide future projects and investments. The first AWA National Water Skills Audit attracted 46 respondents from a range of organisation types and locations. AWA would like to thank respondents for their contribution. Despite the sample size some anticipated and interesting trends have emerged. The report is now available for download.

2011 Review of National Water Skills Business Plan

In late 2011, on behalf of WIST, AWA undertook a review of the activities that had been defined in the Business Plan. The Plan had identified over 50 projects across all states and territories; some had been already underway and some were newly identified as useful projects to be undertaken. A wide range of project owners were also identified however all relied on funding from their respective owners. Although AWA itself has been pursuing many projects listed in the Business Plan, it has had limited capacity to drive full implementation of the Strategy. The review demonstrated that if there was to be effective deployment of the Strategy going forward, a combination of efforts at the jurisdictional level, as well as financially resourcing those projects identified as national priorities, would be necessary. To this end, the review recommended that the Strategy be streamlined to reflect only the highest priority issues and that a clearer funding model should be established. 
A copy of the Business Plan review is available. 

2010 National Water Skills Strategy: Business Plan

Following results of a COAG initiated National Water Skills Audit in 2008, which quantified skill gaps in the water sector over the next ten years, a National Water Skills Strategy, designed to address skills gaps, was endorsed by COAG in December 2009. The Strategy outlines specific items to be undertaken which will enable better utilisation of existing Government programs to assist the water sector in bridging projected skills gaps. 

AWA was engaged by the National Water Commission to develop the Business Plan to operationalise the National Water Skills Strategy. The Business Plan outlined the framework for implementation, including governance, funding, and timetables, and included details on specific actions to be undertaken to achieve each item identified in the Strategy. The Draft Business Plan was then developed with preliminary stakeholder input by July, incorporated further industry feedback during August and September with the Final Business Plan being completed and endorsed by the Taskforce in October 2010.