Water in Industry Specialist Network


Water in Industry specialist network aims to influence patrons with water-information on how these industries gives impact upon maximizing and increasing awareness of water usage.


*Promote awareness on water usage
*Provide Researches in correlation to the usability and availability of water resources
*Connect and Build relationship with stakeholders and other organizations
*Keeping up with the trends of Water in Industry
*Adhere Best Practices of adopting water uses
*Encourage Research and Development Practices towards globalization of water in Industry

Almost every industry used water to some degree. Water in Industry describes how various industries use and manage water to ensure the correct quality, quantity and access is available. As industry changes as does water availability. This network is here to ensure we can provide a public medium to discuss and debate government regulations and policies affecting the water industry and also to provide support on how water is best used and managed, and how this has changed over time.

The significance of Water in Industry is bounded with its purpose which industries around the world are beginning to understand the important role that water plays in production and profitability. Moreover, water resources are under some identifiable factors including:

* Climate Change
* Contamination
* Regulation and growing demand. 

In this era, water is no longer compromised. Through this network, we wanted to influence the people to take heed in maximizing and adopting best practices in using the water. The availability of usable water has, and will continue to dictate where and to what extent development will occur. Thus, we, the members of the committee will help you to further understand how to manage more effectively within the available uses of water and to disseminate Water-use information in evaluating the impacts to connecting and significant industries.

Some examples of industries that uses water are:

* Food Processing
* Agriculture
* Mining
* Construction
* Technology
* Manufacturing
* HealthCare