SDG Network


Welcome to the Australian Water Association Sustainable Development Goals Specialist Network (SDG Network).

The SDG Network provides a platform where Australian water professionals can engage together with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the actions underpinning them and the water sector’s contribution to achieving those goals.

The SDG Network aims to:

  • Promote better understanding and greater literacy of the Sustainable Development Goals and related indicators, in particular, SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, in Australia and internationally;
  • Improve opportunities to link with other water professionals with a shared interest in the Sustainable Development Goals and with other sectors through discussion, debate, and contribution of articles and commentaries, and
  • Provide a forum to develop initiatives across the Australian water sector that progress the Sustainable Development Goals and emphasise accessible and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

The SDG Network Committee is formed by election from current members of the Australian Water Association, with elections held every two years. The current committee commenced work during June 2018 and is now planning activities for the coming months.  We will be coordinating with Australian Water Association branches and other key partners to generate as much interest and engagement, as well as high quality content, as we can.

We are keen for you to become actively involved in the SDG Network so please watch this space for upcoming events and activities and be proactive in approaching anyone from the committee with your suggestions.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable development calls for balanced progress on economic development, social inclusion and environmental sustainability - across nations and generations.

The water sector has touch-points across all 17 goals and has a unique position of influence and capacity in our communities.

SDG's"Guaranteeing sustainable water management is a vital element to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and other relevant goals in the social, environmental and economic fields."
Launch of the United Nations International Decade for Action: Water for Sustainable Development 2018-2028

Sustainable Development Goal 6 ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’ has been a focus and is one of key goals to be addressed in the High Level Political Forum ‘Transformation Towards Sustainable and Resilient Societies’ 9-18 July 2018.  Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is a member of the High Level Panel on Water convened to contribute to the Political Forum. The High Level Panel on Water delivered its findings along with an open letter titled ‘An Agenda for Water Action’ in March 2018.