Specialist Networks

Specialist Networks

A key benefit of your Australian Water Association membership is joining one of our Specialist Networks to ensure you stay updated on the latest information and events in your areas of interest. In these Networks our members meet to share ideas, skills and knowledge with colleagues working across water-related areas at local, state, national and international level. The Networks are driven by committees who engage their members in a variety of activities, including national conferences, state roadshows, workshops, seminars, training, publications, policies, online discussions, informal presentations, and more.

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How to join a Specialist Network

If you're an existing Australian Water Association member, you can join our Specialist Networks by updating your member profile. Once you are logged in, click on the Specialist Networks tab and tick the ones that suit your interests and career aspirations.

After joining you may receive information about breaking news, latest research or specific industry events relevant to your specialist network. 

For more information about a specific Specialist Network use one of the Network Manager contacts below. 

How to join a Specialist Network online community

To join the conversation and directly contact committee members or other specialist network members you can join the Specialist Network's online community. It's an easy three-click process: 

1. Click on any one of the Specialist Networks listed below.
2. Click 'Join the community'.
3. Click the 'Follow Community' button on the right hand side of the page.

The online communities are your chance to start conversations among your peers and get involved in discussions that are relevant and of the moment. If you've heard about news, events, technical papers, stories or experiences relevant to your Specialist Network, post it on the online community. 

To find out more about the benefits of joining the Australian Water Association please visit our Membership page.

Current Specialist Networks 

Specialist Network Network Manager

Asset Management

Kiri Goschnick


Kiri Goschnick  

Catchment Management

Kiri Goschnick  

Environmental Water Management

Rebecca Hage  

Membranes & Desalination

Kiri Goschnick


Melania Berehovy

Rural Water

Kiri Goschnick

Small Water & Wastewater Systems

Rebecca Hage 

Source Management (Liquid Trade Waste)  

Paul Smith  


Robbie Goedecke

Water Education Network 

Melania Berehovy

Water Efficiency

Kiri Goschnick  

Water Management Law & Policy

Kiri Goschnick

Water in Mining

Michael Seller

Water Quality Monitoring & Analysis

Steve Comey  

Water Recycling

Katie Trevor 

Water Retail

Sharon Hoang

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene in Developing Communities (WASH)  

Kiri Goschnick

Young Water Professionals

Robbie Goedecke

Specialist Networks Committees

The next call for re-election will occur in November 2017. A full list of the committee members will be available shortly. Between nomination periods, if there are vacant committee places, members may join at the discretion of the convenor(s).

If you would like to join a Specialist Network committee, please contact networks@awa.asn.au to see what vacancies are currently available.


Download PDF Specialist Networks - Information and Guidelines
Download PDF Specialist Networks - Event Procedure Template