National Water Week
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National Water Week

Every third week of October, the Australian Water Association organises National Water Week and makes a splash across Australia, inspiring individuals, communities and organisations to build awareness around the value of water. Access to clean water is hugely important to our daily lives, and it’s down to all of us to protect our water environments and resources, and use water wisely.

As the national coordinator for the week, the Australian Water Association encourages water industry organisations, schools and communities to create, take part in and promote National Water Week events, activities and educational resources. If you have any queries about National Water Week or you'd like us to share your events or resources on this page, please feel free to contact us.

The theme for 2020 is Reimagining our Water Future. As our population grows, this will put more stress on our water resources, so how can we reimagine the way we use and reuse water to ensure there’s enough of it in the future? How can we rethink our current water practices to help conserve valuable water resources? What can we do as individuals and as communities to inspire a more sustainable water future?


National   Short Film Competition
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Short Film Competition


Primary School Category Winner
Ava, Citipointe Christian College


Primary School Category Winner
Oscar, Skipton Primary School

High School Category Winner
Sumedh and Avi, Chatswood High School
High School Category High Commendation
Cherry MacRobertson, Girls High School

We want to thank all the students for their clever short film entries and we look forward to seeing what you all come up with in 2021!

Victorian Primary School Poster Competition

Every year, Victoria's water and catchment management authorities organise a poster competition for primary school students in their catchment and service areas. This year, the Australian Water Association and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning have supported the Victorian water authorities in the state-wide poster competition and we are pleased to announce the first, second and third place recipients of the five different award categories.

Special Needs  
Year 1-2  
Year 3-4  
Year 5-6  



There are several ways you can get involved in National Water Week. You can host an event in your local community, or theme your lessons around water for the whole week. Let us know what you're doing for National Water Week this year. We'll list it below so that your staff or the local community can get involved.

Water Night
Between 5pm to 5am on the evening of Thursday, 22 October, Smart Approved WaterMark is encouraging Australians to use one bucket of water, no taps, no showers, no running water. Schools can get involved too!
They've got some great resources and tips to help you get through the night while saving bucket-loads.
  Online Learning Festival
Join our Victorian water utilities to learn about water during the Online Learning Festival.
As well as finding out the state winners of the poster competition, there will be a popular water show online and author Meg Humphrys will be talking about her book, When Water Lost Her Way. All activities are free.
  Walk for Water
263 million people worldwide spend over 30 minutes walking to collect water from a safe source.

WaterAid is inviting Australians to walk, run or ride in solidarity with those who need to walk long distances to collect water. Sign up as an individual or organise a walk with colleagues!
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Water in the Bush Conference
Water in the Bush is the Northern Territory's annual water conference taking place in Darwin this year during National Water Week on 22 October.

The conference will be face-to-face, with a live-stream option available for those unable to travel.
  WA Water Awards Dinner
The 2020 WA Water Awards Dinner recognises the exceptional achievements of individuals and organisations in the WA water industry.

This year it will be held at The Ritz-Carlton Perth with a keynote address by water innovator Will Sarni.
  Best Tasting Tap Water
The WIOA – Ixom 2020 Best Every year this even Tasting Tap Water in Australia Competition is being held on Wednesday, 21 October.
It showcases the hard work that the water industry does behind the scenes to deliver high quality drinking water to the community.
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Webinar: SDG Contributions
Join us for a webinar to hear the inspiring stories of success, friendships and future opportunities for Australian water professionals to get involved in contributing to the sustainability goals internationally.
  Townsville, Take the Pledge
Townsville City Council is asking residents to Take the Pledge to save thousands of litres of water this National Water Week. Residents who play their part to reduce water use will go in the running to win some great prizes.
  Newcastle Film Screening
Newcastle-based not-for-profit Corethics is presenting its third annual film fundraising event to support rising Australian and Indonesian filmmakers and also to raise awareness of depleting water supplies in Bali.
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Free Virtual Incursions
Discover the hidden life in our creeks and rivers. Learn about human impacts and simple things we can all do to save water and keep freshwater habitats healthy with these online virtual incursions.
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Colouring-in pages
Below you’ll find a range of colouring-in pages to spread the word about water, like making sure people practice good water habits or brushing up on your knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals. Feel free to download these colouring pages for your own use to celebrate National Water Week, whether that's giving the kids something to do or organising a community competition.



Here we’ve got an extensive list of educational resources that explore all the different aspects of water including the water cycle, the sustainability goals, Indigenous water knowledge, how to save water, caring for our catchments, and general water education. If you have a resource that you’d like to add to this list, get in touch with us.

Sustainable Development Goals
World's Largest Lesson – Introduce the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere
Animated films – Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals through these fun animated films
Global Goals Games – Play these games for a student led approach to learning about the Goals

Indigenous water
Where's our Water? – Hunter Water has collaborated with Indigenous communities to develop a story book for primary students
River Kids – ABC goes 'Behind the News' to explore the challenges facing the Murray River
Indigenous Weather Knowledge – The Bureau of Meteorology looks at the history of Indigenous weather, environmental knowledge and cultural stories
National Cultural Flows Research Project – Looks at Indigenous connections to water and Aboriginal water values
The Great NT Water Story – Power & Water Corporation's student storybook and teacher guide

Water cycle
Perth's Water Supply – Water Corporation's interactive online tool showing where Perth's water comes from
Interactive Water Cycle – Unitywater's Education Program has resources for teachers and students
When Water Lost Her Way – Audio book presentation of the Australian book When Water Lost Her Way
Natural Water Cycle Colouring Sheet – Learn about the natural water cycle with South East Water's colouring sheets
Urban Water Cycle Water Warriors – Find out how Melbourne Water's Water Warriors make a positive impact on the urban water cycle

Flushing water
Don't Flush Your Underwear – Bundaberg Regional Council's video shows why you shouldn't flush your undies down the loo
Poo Crew – ABC goes 'Behind the News' to find out what happens when you flush the loo

Bottled water
Bottled Vs Tap Water – ABC goes 'Behind the News' to find out why people pay for bottled water when our tap water is safe and free
Banning Bottled Water – ABC goes 'Behind the News' to find out why a small NSW town has banned the sale of bottled water

Saving water
Smart water advice – Smart Approved Watermark has some great advice on being smart with water in and around the home
Weird Water – ABC goes 'Behind the News' to teach kids to stop wasting water
Love Water Quiz – Hunter Water's quiz will tell you if you're a Wasteful Wade or an Aware Alice!
Saving Energy & Water Around the Home – EWOV shares tips on saving energy and water around the home
Blue House – Smart Approved WaterMark's Blue House teaches you how easy it is to save water

Water-savvy gardens – Looking for some water-savvy garden inspiration? Urban Utilities shares tips on how to achieve great results in your garden without compromising plants and water use.
How low can you go? – Urban Utilities along with Henry the H20 hero has some great tips on saving water at home, as well as some pretty cool dance moves. Take the How low can you go Challenge today.

Caring for our catchments
Catchment challenge – Take Cairns Regional Council's catchment challenge and learn what makes a healthy waterway
Water Education Videos – WaterNSW has a range of videos about building dams, and managing water supply and quality
Reducing Pathogens from Entering Estuaries – Watch this 4-part series from NRM North on catchment works in Northern Tasmania aimed at reducing pathogens

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM)
STEAM water activities – Cairns Regional Council has worksheets and activities to encourage critical thinking while learning about water
Resources for Parents & Teachers – Andrea Beaty has books, posters and free downloadables to inspire kids to love STEM

General water education
H2O Kids online – Seqwater's online school education program has lots of interactive lessons to learn all about water
Walter Smart Schools Performance – An interactive experience that motivates children to make small changes to their water using behaviours
The Well of Water Information – SA Water's learning program teaches kids about the importance of water
Educational Resources – Melbourne Water has lots of resources on wetlands, saving water, and the water cycle
Teaching Resources – All the teaching resources you need to help students learn about our most precious resource
Water Resources for Everyone – South East Water has resources for kids, teachers, parents and the community
Water Education Resources – Water Corporation's education site has resources for teachers, games for kids, and information for schools

Educational Resources – Urban Utilities has a wide variety of educational resources such as activity sheets, videos, games and more!
‘Water… WOW!’ – Learn about water and waterways with Georges Riverkeeper’s Stage 3 Education Modules
Healthy Waterways Education Series – Videos and fact sheets about Tamar estuary from science and history experts with industry and government representatives

Water activities for under 5s
Water Wonders – Cairns Regional Council's under 5 activities include a water-themed snakes and ladders (fills and spills) and water bingo


Past Themes

2019 – It's Time to Change the World
2018 – Water for me, Water for all
2017 – Water - the heart of our culture
2016 – Water, life, growth
2015 – Water innovation for future generations
2014 – There are more sources than you think
2013 – Liveable communities
2012 – Valuing our water
2011 – Healthy Catchments, Healthy Communities
2010 – Many sources, many uses, everyone’s responsibilities
2009 – Securing our Water Future
2008 – Clean Water Essential for Life