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  • The objective of this annual award is to acknowledge outstanding initiative and team contributions in considering and playing an active part in the area of safety improvement and injury prevention across the entire water industry. The contribution could be in the form of an invention, an improvement in work processes or procedures or simply a good idea that demonstrates safety at work.


    The Water Industry Safety Excellence Award is jointly offered by the Water Services Association of Australia and the Australian Water Association. It has been created to encourage and reward a culture and principles of safety within workplaces and seeks to recognise team contributions to improvements in safety and safety culture.


    Corporate teams can make a huge difference to safety culture and this award is an initiative in encouraging active member and staff involvement in reducing safety risks.


    Eligibility is extended to teams of employees of AWA and or WSAA member organisations. A team is defined as two or more employees from the same organisation or alliance including analytical laboratories, product suppliers, construction companies, consulting groups, water utilities, and the like.


    • Action taken by the nominated team including the process to identify the root cause of the problem, to trial and develop the solution and the extent of consultation with key stakeholders.
    • Originality: is this an entirely new concept and what was the contribution by others?
    • Extent of injury reduction achieved by the initiative within the area of application including the potential to prevent injury.
    • Extent of improvement in organisational performance in safety and wellbeing and overall operations.
    • Potential for broader application across the water industry and other industry. 


    Please send your nominations through to AWA Awards Coordinator


    An independent Judging Panel of industry experts who have relevant knowledge and expertise to assess entries will be confirmed. Final decision will be presented to WSAA Board Members for approval.

    Awarded at

    Ozwater Gala Dinner or seperate awards ceremony.

    Submitting your Nomination

    Submissions should include:

    • Nomination form
    • Introduction to the nominee organisation(s) and the project being nominated (maximum 250 words)
    • Response to criteria (maximum 15 A4 pages)
    • Photo of project team or one of the project elements for promotional purposes (in jpg or similar format)
    • Two letters of reference outlining demonstration of criteria (maximum 500 words)
    • Supporting documentation (optional) which may include articles, publications, media, etc in a variety of formats.
    • An electronic copy of the whole submission.

    Closing date

    Nominations for the National Award open 23 June 2014 and close 1 August 2014. 



    AWA Awards  

    ph. 02 9436 0055

    Australian Water Association
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