Australia's leading water membership association, providing training, courses and industry events including Ozwater.

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Australian water association
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    Are you working in or with the water industry? Well, an AWA Membership will provide you with some great services that will help keep you up to date! Membership CEO quote 


    As Australia’s leading association for water professionals and organisations we’ve been delivering for our members since 1962. Our total membership of almost 6,000 is widespread and covers a diverse range of roles and sectors which ensures that together we’re a robust and credible vehicle for representing the water industry nationally and internationally. 


    AWA has two basic membership categories, Individual and Corporate. Within these categories, there are several sub-types that are tailored to the needs of individual member groups. 


    Services we provide 

    With our offerings, you’ll be motivated to stay on top of industry news, make new connections and be served a silver platter of opportunities to boost your professional development.


    And you know what keeps us busy? We’re always exploring additional ways to add value to the member experience.

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