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    The Environmental Water Management Specialist Network was set up to support those active in the field of environmental water management by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, encourage problem-solving and build a sense of community that will strengthen the profession and practice of environmental water management to achieve better environmental outcomes. 

    Prior to its formation as a network, the Community of Practice for Environmental Water Managers was established by AWA through a project of the National Water Commission (see background for more details). The Community's separate website remains as an interactive forum for network communications and can be accessed at . The website includes event listingsforums, a Directory of Practical Tools, plus the chance to interact with other members.
    You can find out more about the planned activities of this specialist network by downloading the current Action Plan.

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    Ozwater'15 - Call For Papers
    Closing 28 August 2014 

    AWA is calling for abstract submissions for Australia's international water conference and exhibition - Ozwater'15. The overall theme for the event is 'Water for Growth and Prosperity", with key sub-themes in:  

    • Technology, Operations and Asset Management, 
    • Governance, Regulation and Structure, 
    • Water for Rural, Remote and Regional Communities, 
    • Water for Agriculture, Food and Beverages, 
    • Water for Mining, Resources and Power,  
    • The Customer and Community, and 
    • Liveable Cities. 

    Submissions close 28 August - don't miss your chance to share your ideas, research, or initiative, and the opportunity to collaboratively encourage innovation and professional development.


    Visit to find out more and submit your abstract.  

     May 2014  

    Latest newsletter is out now!


    Highlights include: 

    • Murray-Darling Basin Updates
      • NSW sign up to MDB deal
      • Water infrastructure spending welcomed
      • River services facing cuts
      • 'Scatter-gun' buybacks concern irrigators
      • and more
    • Australian News
      • $4 million wetlands project kicks off in Perth
      • Hotter, drier conditions predicted 
      • Don’t forget to get your applications in for the National Riverprize 2014
      • Snowy Hydro's independent monitoring faces axe
      • and more
    • International News
      • Flexibility, social values key to solving water issues - NZIER 
      • US EPA awards wetland development grants
      • Huge water pulse to bring the Colorado River back from the dead
      • Environmental Water Caucus Unveils Real-Time Response to Californian drought
      • and more

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