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    The Environmental Water Management Specialist Network was set up to support those active in the field of environmental water management by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, encourage problem-solving and build a sense of community that will strengthen the profession and practice of environmental water management to achieve better environmental outcomes. 

    Prior to its formation as a network, the Community of Practice for Environmental Water Managers was established by AWA through a project of the National Water Commission (see background for more details). The Community's separate website remains as an interactive forum for network communications and can be accessed at . The website includes event listingsforums, a Directory of Practical Tools, plus the chance to interact with other members.
    You can find out more about the planned activities of this specialist network by downloading the current Action Plan.

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    AWA would like to engage the wider specialist network members with activities. To do so we are encouraging all network members to join the specialist network LinkedIn group. To access the Environmental Water Management LinkedIn group visit the Australian Water Association Group and view the sub-groups.   





    More information on Environmental Water related events can be found on the Environmental Water Management website 

    More AWA events can be found here


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