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    The Australian Water Association (AWA) offers a range of awards at both state and national levels and plays an important role in promoting excellence and contribution our members make to the community. AWA’s Australian Water Awards not only seek to recognise and reward outstanding achievement of individuals and organisations in the water sector, but also to identify those who have displayed conspicuous service to the profession and exceptional performance in the practice of water management.  

    Nominations for all branches and National Awards open 23 June 2014 and close 1 August 2014

    Please note: VIC Awards close 29 August. Please see here for more details.

    Eligibility: all AWA Australian Water Awards, aside from the Undergraduate Water Prize, are open to AWA members only.


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    How to enter:  

    • Complete the online nomination forms –ensure to familiarise yourself with each award criteria. We recommend writing out the responses when addressing the criteria, then copy and paste into the corresponding fields.
    • Upon completion, you will be directed to a confirmation web page with a link to save your photos in a designated drive. Please ensure photos are in JPEG format and saved as follows State_Award_Nominee_Project Title.jpg
    • Where offered, nominations will be entered into the AWA branch awards. Branch winners will be automatically nominated for the national award.


    Award nomination submissions will be reviewed by a judging panel of 3 to 5 members consisting of water industry personnel. Decision by the national judging panel will then be presented to the AWA Board for approval.


    Conditions of entry for the AWA Awards Program can be viewed here


    To enter, or learn more about the AWA Australian Water Awards, click the button below:





    AWA Awards 

    ph. 02 9436 0055 
     Australian Water Association 
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