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  • The Water Retail Specialist Network is a network for those working in the areas of water retailing, billing and customer communications. The network aims to support those in the field by strengthening expertise through the sharing of industry knowledge. Focus areas of the network include water retailing, billing, customer communications and customer service.  


    Key activities include: 

    • Sharing of retail function challenges and implemented solutions 
    • Sharing of upcoming issues in the retail water sector including information sharing engagement with regulators and stakeholders 
    • Sharing of new systems and technologies appropriate to the retail function
    • Networking activities aimed at increasing communication and sharing of knowledge amongst members 
    • Bringing in expertise from other retail industry sectors to share knowledge of problems and solutions which may be applicable to the water sector  


    To join this network you must be an AWA member. 


    If you have any questions about this network, or others, please contact the Water Retail Specialist Network Coordinator Antonia Curcio.  








    mySouthEastWater- In November, South East Water became the first water retailer in Australia to introduce a self-service website, giving c

    ustomers the option to log on, view and make changes to their water account at a time that suits them. 


    Water Retail Newsletter - November 2012


    Water Retail Network Action Plan 2012-13


    Business Snapshot - don't take advantage of the disadvantaged - Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 


    Optimizing the Water Utility Customer Contact Center (Water Research Foundation/US EPA, 2010 - external link)


    12-14 May 2015, Adelaide Convention Centre



    Early-bird registrations are now open for Ozwater’15, Australia’s largest water and conference exhibition. This comprehensive three day event will feature inspirational international and national keynote speakers, numerous invited speakers, scientific and technical papers from industry experts, case studies, workshops and more. 


    International and national keynote speakers include:

    • Cathryn Ross, Chief Executive, Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) (UK)
    • Thierry Mallet, Director, Innovation and Business Performance, Suez Environnement (France)
    • Bernard Salt, Founder, KPMG Demographics (Australia) 
    To register and view the full program visit



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