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  • The AWA Water Management Law and Policy (WMLP) Specialist Network encourages the active involvement of members in sharing experiences in developing, assessing and implementing water policies and laws, and influencing future sustainable water governance decisions across Australia.


    It involves:

    • Acting as an advocate for balancing economical, environmental and social aspects of water management practices.
    • Activities aimed at educating and influencing the actions of individuals and organisations involved in water governance arrangements in Australia.
    • Active involvement in assessing and communicating the impact of current and proposed water law and policy activities established locally, regionally and nationally.
    • Education of members and interested parties regarding the complexity and importance of equitable and sustainable water law and policy practices.



    The objective of the Water Management Law and Policy Specialist Network is to assist members increase their knowledge of how current and future water laws, policies and development processes will influence water use across Australia. This will be achieved by facilitating discussion around different water ‘themes’, collating and disseminating information, coordinating responses to draft policy and legislation, providing opportunities for networking, and advocating sustainable water management to all stakeholders.
    In addition, we aim to provide a platform for views to be expressed, understood and heard around what water policy and law mechanisms and processes are needed in Australia.


    Want to join the Water Management Law and Policy Specialist Network?

    If you or a colleague would like to keep updated on the latest developments and events in WMLP, then join us! To join this network you must be an AWA member. 


    How can we make this network benefit you?
    The Water Management Law and Policy Specialist Network Committee is thinking of what activities it can plan to best deliver benefit to AWA members.
    In order to plan activities that are of benefit to members all over the country, we need to hear from you.
    What would you like to see the network do over the next few years? What needs do you have which we may help meet? What challenges are you facing in your role that need a solution?
    Whether it be training, networking, developing policies, contributing to international standards or anything else that will help you in your Asset Management role, please get in touch.
    Contact Antonia Curcio at




    Ozwater'15 - Call For Papers  
    Closing 28 August 2014 

    AWA is calling for abstract submissions for Australia's international water conference and exhibition - Ozwater'15. The overall theme for the event is 'Water for Growth and Prosperity", with key sub-themes in:  

    • Technology, Operations and Asset Management, 
    • Governance, Regulation and Structure, 
    • Water for Rural, Remote and Regional Communities, 
    • Water for Agriculture, Food and Beverages, 
    • Water for Mining, Resources and Power,  
    • The Customer and Community, and 
    • Liveable Cities. 

    Submissions close 28 August - don't miss your chance to share your ideas, research, or initiative, and the opportunity to collaboratively encourage innovation and professional development.


    Visit to find out more and submit your abstract.



     Ministerial group to look at Australia’s future water needs

    The Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, will chair a new ministerial working group set up to identify new infrastructure projects that can deliver Australia's water supply needs in the future. The first task of the group, which was established by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, will be to identify priorities, investment and processes to fast-track development. Minister Joyce said water infrastructure had to keep pace with economic opportunities in Australia's region and with national population growth. "Australia's population is expected to reach 35 million by 2050 and we also have to take advantage of the growing wealth of hundreds of millions of people who live close by," Minister Joyce said. (Minister Joyce)


    AWA welcomed the new Ministerial Working Group. (AWA)


     Water Security Reliability - JOIN THE DISCUSSION ON OUR FORUM

    The WMLP committee member Marco van Winden has developed a discussion paper, and invites the industry to discuss around the topic:


     Water Security - Is the infrastructure between the source and the demand adequatly secure, reliable and resilient?


    Download the discussion paper here and join the discussion on AWA's forum by clicking here.


     Water Quality Governance: Overview of the National Regulatory Developments


    Regulatory and policy approaches towards the use of recycled water in Australia are closely entwined with simultaneous policy developments regarding water quality in general and drinking water quality in particular.


    Anne Pye, from the WMLP committee developed a chronological summary of some of those developments and the ensuing policy discussions which have been documented in various national reports.


    Click here to access the overview on Water Quality Governance.

     AWA Policy Principles - NOW AVAILABLE


    The WMLP Specialist Network has helped develop a series of policy principles. These principles are to guide the Association’s review of government policies (e.g. the development of a submission it may make on a government Green Paper) and the development of its own policies (e.g. Position Papers).


    The Policy Principles have now been endorsed by the Board. Click here to view the Policy Principles.


    All comments and queries regarding the Principles should be directed to Antonia Curcio


    The committee has prepared a short survey which will be helpful in getting to know the network members and identify several key themes that the WMLP network can initially focus on.

    Please CLICK HERE to view the survey results.



    The WMLP Specialist Network has developed an overview of current water law, policy and government departments from across Australia.


    The list has been compiled by the WMLP Specialist Committee to assist network members navigate and review their way around relevant Australian water law and policies.


    Click here to view the list.