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  • Background

    Risk Assessment for the Water Industry is the second of AWA’s Online training programs.

    This course of seven lectures, put together with the assistance and hard work of  some of Australia’s leading scientists in the practice of risk assessment applied to water, explains the principles and processes used to evaluate various types of water (drinking water, recycled water), water products (biosolids) and water uses (irrigation, agriculture) with regard to its end use.

    The course is web based and this innovative delivery method allows for access to the course materials as allowed by an individual’s work and personal commitments and without incurring travel costs. Lectures are presented as voice linked to a PowerPoint presentation and have additional course notes including links to relevant reference material where it is available online.

    For those interested in taking the course, once equipment compatability is tested and an enrolment is confirmed, access to lectures in the course will be available 24hours, seven days a week for an access period of three months.  Each lecture  is supported by references, course notes or learning materials, and the opportunity to contact the lecturer by email with any queries.

    The Risk Assessment Course

    We use water for drinking, washing, irrigating their crops, flushing away wastes and general cleansing. Many other living creatures make similar use of water and leave a signature of their presence which can affect the quality and safety of that water for humans. Unfortunately this means that water can often be a potential source of illness if we do not monitor its quality and manage it to best suit its end use.   Assessing risk either numerically or by deductive analysis anticipates the safety of water and provides a means to maintain water quality.

    In Australia and many other countries, risk assessments need to be carried out  to protect public health.  A risk assessment may also be used to identify opportunities for improvements to be made to water management within a jurisdiction.  The Australian Guidelines for Drinking Water and the Guidelines for Recycled Water assist managers in planning and complying with the requirements of the legislation.

    basic structure of the Program

    1. Risk assessment principles and their application in the framework for drinking water quality management
    2. HACCP – water and food
    3. DALYs and health risk assessment – human health
    4. Health risk assessment principles – augmentation of drinking water with recycled water
    5. Risk assessment – the environment and focus on recycled water
    6. Risk assessment for biosolids
    7. Undertaking risk assessment for chemical contaminants in water, wastewater and recycled water systems.
    (Each lecture in this series is approximately 30-45 minutes long) 

    Speakers include

    Dr Dan Deere and Dr Annette Davison – Water Futures

    Dr David Cunliffe – SA Health

    Dr Daryl Stevens – Arris Pty Ltd

    Dr Diane Wiesner - AWA

    Dr Stuart Khan – University of NSW


    Australian Water Association is currently reviewing all online training courses, whilst under review we would like to offer a 25% discount on our courses.

    We believe the content presented in this course is still highly relevant, however we are aware there are minor elements that need to be updated during this review. 
    Should you have any concerns or queries, please contact Jerome Moulin- 


    WAS $420 NOW $318.00 AWA members
    WAS $475 NOW $356.25 Non Members
    WAS $250 NOW $187.50 Student (proof of status required)
    * Prices include GST - 7 Lectures


    PC, MacIntosh, desk or laptop computer, standard broadband connection, FLASH (essential) and Java enabled (if available). A  compatability check facility will be provided so potential enrollees can test their equipment suitability prior to enrolment.