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  • Water E-News is one of AWA's most successful publications. Beginning in 1999, the number of people now receiving e-mail news is over 7,000 people. One of our free services to members, e-mail news has an excellent reputation for succinct, useful and informative stories relevant to the water and wider environment industry sectors.


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    Got a news story you’d like to submit to the Water E-News editor?

    AWA welcomes your media releases, news and information. Preferential treatment is given to current, topical and relevant information covering Australian stories, Member News, latest research, free reports, and innovative, newsworthy or award winning products and projects.  Commercial material is not suitable for inclusion in Water E-News.


    Please note that submissions are not guaranteed to be published, and inclusion in Water E-News is at the Editor’s discretion.


    Please email your news submissions to A 60 word summary is encouraged, and submissions must include a link to an online source. Please include the words ‘E-News submission’ in the subject line.


    Promoting your events

    Some events may be relevant to AWA members. To have your event considered for e-mail news it must fit within the following criteria:


    1. That it fits with AWA’s mission of promoting the sustainable management of water
    2. That the organisation is a member of the AWA
    3. That AWA is not running events on similar topics, or major events around that time of year
    4. If the event attracts a fee, AWA members must be offered a discount (Usually 10% off the standard price).


    For more information or to discuss the best way to promote events to AWA members, please email