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    Are you looking to upskill your water operations staff? Do you want to reduce onsite workplace health and safety risks? Are you looking to improve efficiencies across your business?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions then why don't you enrol your staff to complete a Certificate in Water Operations?

    The Australian Water Association (AWA), with joint venture partner Opus International Consultants (Opus), has created the AWA Opus Water Industry Training Institute (WITI) to deliver nationally recognised water industry training in partnership with The Learning Collaborative (RTO National ID 32350).


    WITI, in partnership with The Learning Collaborative, can deliver NWP20107 Certificate II in Water Operations and NWP30107 Certificate III in Water Operations.

    As with all qualifications in the Water Industry Training Package, qualifications can be customised to suit workplace needs. Examples include Certificate III in Water Operations with specialisations that cover:

    1. Water Treatment 
    2. Wastewater Treatment
    3. Distribution/reticulation- operations and maintenance
    4. Water in Mining 

    Upon application, short courses and qualifications focusing on the following specialisations will also be available:

    1. Short courses based on clusters of units from NWP30107 & NWP20107  

    2. Distribution/reticulation- construction
    3. Dam and catchment management
    4. Supply and quality (Inspection and Monitoring)
    5. Pump Station Operations

    Flexible Delivery

    We will come to you! Often it is difficult in regional and remote Australia to have training delivered on site, however WITI can deliver face-to-face training anywhere in Australia. Each course may include 12 days of face-to-face training with experienced industry-connected trainers spread over a 12 to 18-month period. More face-to-face training can be provided if required.

    In addition to face-to-face training, we also offer virtual classroom support, ensuring students are always connected to and supported by their trainers. And if you have suitably qualified trainers and/or assessors or supervisors within your business, WITI trainers will work with you to maximum the benefits of this in-house support to students.

    WITI courses are developed as follows:

    Course Development

    1. WITI consults closely with individual employers to identify the skill needs of the enterprise.
    2. WITI develops a proposal for a customised training program that can deliver the required skills. Items incorporated into the proposal may include unit descriptions, information about the trainers, delivery schedule, costs and funding opportunities.
    3. Clients have the opportunity to discuss the proposal with WITI trainers to achieve an outcome appropriate for all parties. Further course refinement may occur. 
    4. WITI delivers the training course that best suits the needs of the enterprise.
    5. WITI will contact you to discuss the effectiveness of the training program. Outcomes of this process may be used to improve the learning experience of subsequent cohorts and/or identify targeted skill gaps that could be addressed via additional short courses.


    WITI will discuss costs with employers on a case-by-case basis. Costs vary according to the size of the cohort and their location. 


    There are various Federal and State funding sources available to support employers to train their workforce. FUNDING OPTIONS MAY INCLUDE click here. To find out whether your employees are eligible for traineeship funding check with your preferred Australian Apprenticeship Centre or contact MEGT via details below:

    Laura Hall
    0488 049 183





    For further information about the courses, contact:

     Geoffrey Gray

    Australian Water Association

    P +61 2 9467 8417 M +61 458 116 981


      Mark Maund
    Opus International Consultants
    P 02 4907 7614  M 0448 393 483