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  • The Water Education Network (WEN) is a group of individuals who have a common interest in water education. The purpose of the network is to allow members to network, share knowledge, information and skills, and make beneficial professional and business contacts across specific interest areas.


    The Water Education Network is all encompassing and includes water education in early childhood, schools, higher education, the community and provides professional development opportunities for those working in the field. The network is the largest within AWA with over 1500 subscribers.


    As one of the many Specialist Networks coordinated by AWA, the WEN helps to fulfil several of AWA’s core objectives which are to:


    •  Provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and knowledge among people involved in the management of water
    •  Improve the standard of debate on water issues so as to foster rational, open decision making and problem solving
    •  Improve public, government and industry understanding of water and its contribution to economic development, quality of life and the environment
    •  Meet the evolving needs and demands of an expanding and sophisticated water industry in Australia
    •  Increase the technical knowledge and competence of people working within the water industry
    •  Foster basic and applied research which will advance the cause of better water management and conservation
    •  Serve as the principal Australian link in the international water industry network.

    Subscription to this network is free. If you are interested in joining WEN please email Geoff Gray. Please include all your contact details.






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    AWA would like to engage the wider specialist network members with activities. To do so we are encouraging all network members to join the specialist network LinkedIn group. To access the WEN LinkedIn group visit the Australian Water Association Group and view the sub-groups.     



    AWA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme 


    As part of AWA’s initiative to further increase the support we can offer to members, we are developing a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme and professional water Credential in 2015. These programmes will provide a national standard of excellence for water professionals and are intended to assist members in managing their professional development by providing a framework in which to monitor and track learning.

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