Australia's leading water membership association, providing training, courses and industry events including Ozwater.

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Australian water association
PO Box 222, St Leonards NSW 1590
Tel: 1300 361 426

About Us

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Vision and Mission

    To be the essential association for people and organisations working together to achieve a sustainable water future. 


    To foster knowledge, understanding and advancement in sustainable water management – its science, practice and policy – through advocacy, collaboration and professional development.

    AWA strives to deliver on its Mission by:   
    •  Being the hub for water professionals 
    •  Providing a knowledge network  

    •  Leading the conversation on water issues


    What is our Culture? How do we do things at AWA?  


    AWA members, employees and stakeholders share a set of values to help guide behaviours in terms of how we treat each other as well as those in the broader community. These values are part of the AWA culture,

    In everything the Association does, we will: 

    • Respect and respond to the needs of our members and stakeholders, striving continually to improve the quality of our services.
    • Be open and accessible, fair and equitable, act with honesty and integrity, build trust and confidence.
    • Acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of our members, volunteers and employees.
    • Encourage a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and inclusiveness to build enduring relationships and unity.
    • Be creative, innovative, agile and change-oriented.
    • Do what is best for our members and community for a sustainable water future