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  • The Undergraduate Water Prize encourages and rewards students for excellence in the field of water studies and research, and provides a forum for students to display their academic excellence and research findings to future employees, clients and the water industry.



    Open to students enrolled or recently graduated (within last twelve months) in a university or tertiary institute within Australia whose final year project is on a water industry related topic.  


    • Relevance of the project to the water industry
    • Quality of technical content
    • Innovation and originality
    • Paper and presentation


    Please check whether your local branch offers the Undergraduate Water Prize. Where offered, nominations must be entered into the branch awards. Branch winners will be automatically nominated for the national award.


    Where no relevant branch awards are offered, nominations can be submitted directly to the AWA National Office.


    A panel of three industry experts will select a national winner based on both the submitted paper and presentation at the Ozwater Conference.  


    National finalists will be judged on both the paper they submit and an oral presentation which will be given within a dedicated Ozwater conference stream. Each component (paper and presentation) will be worth 50% of your score.


    Please note that as 50% of your score is based on your presentation, you must be available to attend and present to remain eligible for the national prize. Ozwater’15 will be held in Adelaide between 12-14 May 2015. 


    1st place: 3 years membership to YWP Network. 

     Winners from each Branch will be provided with flights, accommodation and registration to Ozwater where they will present their papers as part of the conference program. The national winner’s paper will be published on AWA’s website and in AWA’s Water Journal. 

    Awarded at  

    Ozwater Gala Dinner. 

    2014 Award Winner  

    Anna Wilson, Flinders University 


    Anna's thesis was entitled Rapid Tools for Cryptosporidum Species Identification. Her work evaluated and improved published polymerase chain reaction assays for Cryptosporidium species identification and developed a novel typing assay. 

    Submitting your Nomination

    Submissions should be submitted electronically and must include the following compiled information:


    • A completed nomination form 
    • Biography (Please provide a short biography for each student -minimum 180 words, maximum 250 words).
    • Photo (A photo of each student either individually, or as a group - in jpg or similar format)
    • Abstract (minimum 250 words, maximum 350 words)   

    Closing date

    Submissions for 2014/2015 open: 23 June 2014 and close 1 August 2014. Nominations for branch awards close earlier than the national awards and it is recommended that you check with your local branch for the relevant closing date.


    We invite you to combine resources with AWA and other sponsors to showcase the commitment, innovation and excellence of the Australian water industry by supporting AWA's National Water Awards Program. With your backing this program will continue to be positioned as the premier event to recognise excellence and innovation across the water industry. To learn how your business can partner with AWA on the National Water Awards Program read the Sponsorship Prospectus for the Undergraduate Water Prize.  


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