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  • The AWA Tasmania – Tasmanian Water Environment Merit Awards (TWEMA) 

    The Tasmanian Water Environment Merit Award (TWEMA) is awarded by the Tasmanian branch of the Australian Water Association (AWA) for a project, initiative, product or service which has achieved outstanding management or development of water resources on a sustainable basis in Tasmania in the past three to four years.   


    Award recipients: 


    • 1997 - Henty Gold Mine (industry) for outstanding environmental safeguards when mining on a commercial scale. 
    • 2001 - Rice Grass Association (community organisation) for outstanding effort to restore estuarine environments by removing an introduced species. 
    • 2003 - Dept of Primary Industry, Water & Environment, Water Resources Division (state government) for establishing an outstanding data base for river health on a statewide basis. 
    • 2006 - Greening Australia for achieving outstanding environmental and educational benefits to many catchments and farms of the Northern Riparian project. 

    The complete AWA Tasmania TWEMA 2011 panel is a as follows:


    • Dr Terry Walker (Aquateco Consulting) (Chairman)
    • Dr Raquel Esteban (DHHS)
    • Andrew Saggers (Vinidex)
    • Ian Dunbabin (Southern Water)
    • Andrew Kneebone (Cradle Mt Water)
    • Alexandra Spink (Greening Australia)
    • Dr Robert Walsh (Australian Waterlife)
    • Mathew Willis (DPIPWE)


    As you can see, the panel contains a range of highly qualified people with a wide variety of interests within the water industry.


    This will help the panel to do justice to the variety of projects to be assessed over the coming months.


    Downloads and Nominations

    Download complete information about TWEMA 2011.

    Download TWEMA 2011 Nomination form and Expression of Interest 



    If you have any queries about TWEMA 2011 please contact:


    Carmel Clark 

    T 03 6236 3641 F 03 6231 1278

    PO Box 259
    North Hobart TAS 7002