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  • AWA Subscription Products


    There are a number of ways you can keep in touch with AWA activities as well as the latest news and developments in the water sector.


    AWA offers a range of electronic and print subscription products, including a weekly e-news update and events bulletin to specific communications available only to members or paid subscribers.


    As a member of AWA you will automatically receive the following communication services on a regular basis via email:


    • Your local Branch Newsletter
    • E-News (Weekly)
    • Water E-Events (monthly)


    Members of AWA also receive a copy of the Water Journal, one of the leading publications for the water industry. There is also an opportunity to subscribe to the Branch newsletters in other state and territories.


    Members who join specific National Specialist Network will automatically be included in the communications associated with those Specialist Networks. This communication includes e-newsletters and regular email updates.


    Our range of communication services enables members and stakeholders to select the right mix of services specific to location and/or area of interest. As a member or registered user you can subscribe or unsubscribe to your selected services at any time.


    AWA's  subscription services are:



    Branch Newsletter-ACT 


    Branch Newsletter-NSW 


    Branch Newsletter-NT 

    WEN Newsletter 

    Branch Newsletter-QLD 

     Water Journal (Australia Only) 

    Branch Newsletter-SA 

    Water Journal + Asia Pacific Postage 

    Branch Newsletter-TAS 

     Water Journal + Rest World Postage 

    Branch Newsletter-VIC 


    Branch Newsletter-WA 

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