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  • Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia’s water saving labelling program for products and services that are helping to reduce outdoor water use. It is a not-for-profit scheme run by the Australian Water Association in conjunction with Irrigation Australia, the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia and the Water Services Association of Australia with funding from the Australian Government's Water Smart Australia program through the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. 


     All applications to the scheme are assessed by an independent technical expert panel – only those that can verify their water-saving claims are able to use the Smart Approved WaterMark label. The range of products and services approved by the scheme include: 


    Water Mark bucket  /uploadedImages/SAWM_Logo_Landscape.gif  












    •  greywater treatment and irrigation systems

    •  downpipe diverters

    •  rainwater tank controllers

    •  rain and soil moisture sensors

    •  efficient irrigation systems and consultation services

    •  garden mulches

    •  soil wetting agents

    •  plant selection and gardening advice services

    •  pool covers and filters

    •  waterless car cleaning products and services

    •  low flow, high pressure cleaners


    To encourage people to save water around their homes the scheme has developed three online water-saving calculators as part of their 'Every Bucket Counts' campaign. The calculators show how much water each of us could save around our homes by choosing a waterless car wash product, installing a rainwater tank or by using a pool cover.


     For more information on the scheme visit one of the Smart Approved WaterMark web sites:

  – for potential applicants and industry – for consumers