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  • This network aims to raise the profile and importance of Operations in the water industry so that Operations has an Australia-wide voice.  We therefore provide meaningful networking and knowledge sharing opportunities for all members and run from a Committee with strong national representation. 


    Our Network includes people working in all areas of water industry operations, from the catchments and dams, through to treatment processes - water, wastewater, recycled water, desalination, industrial water - and their associated transport systems, in both public and privately run businesses. 


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    Workshop: Practical management of membranes in a drinking water treatment plant
    17 June 2015 
    SMEC Building, 20 Berry Street, North Sydney

    Whereas textbook learning about treatment plant operations provides sound grounding for engineers, operators or technically-oriented scientists, learning from experience offers an extra dimension. Technical and other professionals working in membrane drinking water treatment plants will greatly benefit from hearing the practical advice from those who have worked at a plant specifically tasked with dealing with normal operations - and the occasional stuff ups! Some routine procedures, such as back-washing of filters and removing fouling, sound straight forward in theory but when a power surge unexpectedly interrupts a backwash or strange fibrous material refuses to dislodge from a membrane, trouble-shooting skills are required. This Workshop will give valuable insight into dealing with such problems that disrupt operations and affect production.

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