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  • AWA Specialist Networks

    AWA specialist networks are designed to respond to the more specialist needs of members. The networks provide an opportunity for like-minded water professionals to come together to discuss best practice and latest developments in a particular field. Fifty-three per cent of AWA ’s membership is involved in at least one AWA specialist network.

    The success of the specialist networks relies heavily on our members who drive the annual program for each network. In general the programs for each specialist network comprise of a number of different activities, including face to face meetings, in the form of National/Specialty conferences, workshops and roadshows, and regular newsletters to keep networks informed.


    For more information on the current Specialist Networks CLICK HERE


    Industry Programs

    AWA has responsibility for coordinating a number of industry programs on behalf of the wider water sector. These programs are targeted to meet a specific need in the sector and improve the dissemination of information or to address a particular issue, such as skills shortages in the industry.

    Some of the initiatives have been funded by the National Water Commission and implemented by AWA , but most are supported directly by the Australian water industry.


    For more information on the current Industry Programs CLICK HERE

    Meet the Industry Development team:

    National Manager - Industry Development

    Geoffrey Gray
    02 9467 8432
               Geoffrey Gray

    Industry Innovation Programs Manager

    Jerome Moulin
    02 9467 8436 

      Jerome Moulin

    Export and Market Access Manager

    Paul Smith
    02 9467 8403 
      Paul Smith