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  • The Program Innovation Award showcases significant and innovative environmental or sustainability programs within the water industry.


    This award replaces the earlier Peter Hughes Award.

    Award Patron - Peter Hughes

    Peter Hughes made a profound contribution to the Australian Water Association and to the water industry in Australia. Peter worked with the Snowy Mountains Scheme during its initial construction and had a distinguished role in the Sydney Water Board where he became Engineer-in-Chief and then Assistant General Manager.

    Peter was also the first Executive Director of AWA, a post that he held with distinction (on a part time basis) from 1987 until he retired in March 1992. The emergence of the association as a significant player in national water affairs is mainly due to Peter’s vision and energy.   


    Open to all organisations within the water industry.


    • Innovative, unique or other outstanding features of the initiative which sets it apart from common practice among comparable programs.
    • Relevance to the Australian water industry.
    • Demonstrated or strongly anticipated environmental and/or water resource benefits as a result of the nominated initiative.
    • Demonstrated or strongly anticipated social benefits as a result of the nominated initiative.
    • Incorporates sustainable design principles (social, economic, environmental).
    • Evidence that the initiative was carried out or came to fruition during the two years preceding the nomination date.



    Please check whether your local branch offers the Program Innovation Award. Where offered, nominations must be entered into the branch awards. Branch winners will be automatically nominated for the national award.


    Where no relevant branch awards are offered, nominations can be submitted directly to the AWA National Office.

    Closing Date

    Nominations for the national award close 1 August 2014. Nominations for branch awards close earlier than the national awards and it is recommended that you check with your local branch for the relevant closing date.

    Awarded at


    Submitting your Nomination

    Submissions should be submitted electronically and must include the following compiled information

    • Nomination form
    • Introduction to the nominee organisation(s) and the project being nominated (maximum 250 words)
    • Response to criteria (maximum 15 A4 pages)
    • Photo of project team or one of the project elements for promotional purposes (in jpg or similarformat)
    • Two letters of reference outlining demonstration of criteria (maximum 500 words)
    • Supporting documentation (optional) which may include articles, publications, media, etc in a variety of format



    AWA Awards

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    Australian Water Association
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