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Policy Development

    awa comments on AusAID’s WASH and Infrastructure Policy Notes 

    Following the release of the Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness and the Australian Government’s response, An Effective Aid Program for Australia: Making a real difference – delivering real results, the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) is developing new policy notes on Economic Infrastructure and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). The purpose of these policy notes is to set out broad strategic directions and results for Australia’s investments in Economic Infrastructure and WASH to 2015-16. It builds on Australia’s commitment to help people overcome poverty by promoting economic growth through AusAID’s infrastructure program and public health through AusAID’s WASH programs.


    AusAID opened a consultation and AWA took the opportunity to put together a response from the unique perspective of the Australian water sector. AWA sought the views of its WASH Specialist Network, which has the mission to promote knowledge-sharing between Water and Sanitation specialists for the purpose of assisting developing communities.


    Please click here to read the submission.


    AWA with support from the Water Management Law and Policy Specialist Network has developed to draft stage a series of policy principles. These principles are to guide the Association’s review of government policies (e.g. the development of a submission it may make on a government Green Paper) and the development of its own policies (e.g. Position Papers).   


    Thank you to all the members that have sent comments. We received a strong response; it was gratifying that so many people took the time to provide such considered input. 


    The Policy Principles have been endorsed by the Board and are available here.



    All comments and queries regarding the Principles should be directed to Grant Leslie.


    For more information about the Water Management Law and Policy Specialist Network, please visit their website.  





    The Water Management Law and Policy Specialist Network has compiled a comprehensive list providing an overview of current water law, policy and government departments from across Australia. The list will assist members to navigate and review their way around relevant Australian water law and policies.


    The list is accessible from the Water Management Law and Policy Specialist Network webpage. To view the list, please click here.


    Whilst every effort has been made to keep it as up to date as possible, we welcome members to contribute material or updates by sending them to