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    Keeping up to date and learning new skills is vital in an industry subject to rapid change and the development of new technologies and processes. Continuing professional development is also essential for water industry personnel to ensure that they are abreast of new processes that their employer is bringing to their workplace.


    Yet many AWA members live in regional areas where it is not easy or cost effective for them to attend training programs delivered in major urban centres. In the cities, others are time poor with work, travel and family commitments making engagement in skills upgrading an ongoing challenge.


    AWA has sought to meet the needs of these two groups by developing a series of online (internet based) training programs that can be undertaken at any time of the day, in the home or workplace delivered by leading industry professionals.


    How Does Online Training ‘Work'? 

     Each of the AWA Online Training Programs has a formal course structure with topics and presenters chosen for their expertise in a specific topic. The processes works this way:  AWA approaches and requests involvement of an experienced industry professional with both a theoretical and practical understanding of a particular topic area.  An agreement is made for that individual to prepare and deliver a PowerPoint presentation on the subject with subsequent recording of their voice as they deliver the presentation. AWA uses special software to then assemble and link the slides with the voice: then arranges for hosting of the course on the AWA website.


    An individual wishing to undertake a course enrolls in a chosen program via the website. As soon as a prospective student enrolls, an email is sent with details for checking compatibility of student’s equipment with the course website delivery. An ACCESS key is provided that gives the student exclusive access 24/7 to the course lectures from home or work for a period of three months. If there are any problems with access or a student has been unable to complete his course within the three month period, then an email to AWAA can rectify the problem and restore permissions.


    On completion of all the lectures in any course, each student can test his/her knowledge with a series of questions prepared by the course director. Once satisfied with the responses, he/she may then apply for a Certificate of Completion provided by AWA certifying to their successful engagement in the training in that particular topic area.


    Payment for undertaking a particular course is determined by the number of lectures in the program and their length. Each course is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is up to date with current practice and regulatory requirements.


    Available Courses