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Welcome to the New South Wales Branch of AWA
  • The NSW Branch is the Australian Water Associations largest branch with over 1500 members. It endeavours to serve its members and others in the Water Industry of NSW by being the leading provider of forums for education and debate of issues in the industry. The NSW Branch holds events to:

    • Provide networking opportunities
    • Transfer knowledge to water professionals
    • Promote water industry affairs
    • Provide marketing opportunities for corporate members and others
    • Increase the industry profile in the community
    • Take active involvement in new water legislation and other matters of

       importance to the industry 
    * Provide specific niche market forums for the industry and members
    • Promote innovation


    NSW Branch Newsletter 

    The New South Wales Branch newsletter "NEWSDrop" is composed and written by Volunteers and Members of the AWA New South Wales Branch.


    Kamal Fernando

    AWA was sadden to hear of the sudden passing of Kamal Fernando from NSW Water Solutions. Kamal was an icon in the Water Industry and his expertise was legendary. He won many awards as both a leader of successful multi disciplinary teams and as an individual contributor where his personal professional presentation was his hallmark. Kamal's family, friends and team were his pillars to support his passion and commitment. Kamal was a great supporter of the AWA – in particular the NSW Branch, & he will greatly missed by us all.


    The details of his funeral are as follows:

    Saturday 30th August 2014
    1.30pm - 3.30pm
    South Chapel
    Rookwood Cemetery
    Hawthorne Ave, Rookwood NSW 2141

    If you have any questions relating to the NSW Branch or Branch activities please do not hesitate to contact the NSW Branch Manager on the below details-

    Peta Owsnett
    P 02 9467 8424 F 02 9436 0155

    Street & Postal Address

    Lvl 6, 655 Pacific Hwy, PO Box 222
    St Leonards NSW 1590