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  • The Membranes & Desalination Specialist Network consists of two clusters of individuals whose special interests share much in common and where there is often considerable overlap. Typically the two-way interaction is evident in applications where membrane technology is utilised as pre-treatment for thermal or reverse osmosis desalination, thermal processes are being incorporated into new membrane reactors and reverse osmosis is employed as the final “polishing” step in water recycling processes.


    While there are small differences in the emphasis to place on the best use and most appropriate choice of technological mix to apply at any one time, both groups have shared the same Conference platform and enjoyed the three events so far concluded: the Membranes & Desalination Specialty I in Adelaide in 2005, Membrane & Desalination Specialty II in Melbourne in 2007, and Membrane & Desalination Specialty III in Sydney in 2009. Reports from these events are available in the 'Publications' section.


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    Membranes, the Key to Australian Desalination and Water Reclamation Practice


    Reverse osmosis, micro- and ultra-filtration membranes are the essential components for drinking water systems, water recycling and reclamation and brackish water desalination in Australia. Below are some of the leading examples of their application to the country’s water management agenda.


        Kwinana Seawater Desalination Plan 1



     LHS: Tugun Seawater Desalination Plant


    RHS:  Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme
     LHS: Kwinana SeawaterDesalination Plant    LHS: Tugun Seawater Desalination Plant

     RHS: Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme 







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