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Source Management (Liquid Trade Waste)
  • The Source Management specialist network strives to facilitate wastewater source management and enhance the profile of the industry and its people through the promotion of communication and training as appropriate. 

    This webpage provides information, background materials, articles, conference reports, opportunities and links about Source Management for members of AWA, Australia-wide.


    This will be a dynamic website and be constantly changing as new information comes to hand. The committee relies on its users to help build the site so please send contributions and suggestions to


    What is Source Management?

    Wastewater source management is preventing, managing or influencing the introduction of contaminants that enter the sewerage system from trade waste premises, commercial premises, households or other sources to achieve the Five (5) Key Wastewater Input Management Objectives.

    • Safety of People
    • Protection of Assets (Pipes, Plant and Equipment)
    • Protection of Treatment Processes
    • Facilitation of Regulatory & Licence Compliance
    • Facilitation of Recycling

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     AWA Biosolids and Source Management National Conference - 25-27 June 2014, Melbourne

    The Biosolids Specialty Conference will be held concurrently with the Source Management Conference on 25-27 June 2014. Event attendees will explore current hot topics and hear the experiences and challenges being faced in the field, from the lab bench to the treatment plant.

    Themes of the conference and abstract submission guidelines can also be found at:


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