Evaluation of a Utilized Domesticated Water Transport ...
Evaluation of a Utilized Domesticated Water Transport ...
Title: Evaluation of a Utilized Domesticated Water Transport and Storage Device in Kenya

In developing countries, it is reported that as much as 80% of prevalent illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. In Kenya, 43% of the people do not have access to clean water, and sometimes, to fetch water, some communities are required to walk for long distances. Incidentally, 64% of the households rely on women to fetch water when in the absence of a home water reservoir or source. In almost all cases, plastic jerry cans obtained from chemical industries are used to ferry the water. The design of such jerry cans makes it extremely difficult to clean the inside leading to the accumulation of grime, which a possible breeding ground for disease causing microorganisms. With an estimated weight of 18 Kgs when full, the jerry can has also been associated with musculoskeletal pains especially in women who have to walk long distances carrying it. The water backpack (packH2O) has been designed as a suitable alternative to jerry cans. In the last four (4) years, over ten thousand water backpacks have been distributed by a local NGO to rural communities in four counties in Kenya.
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