Using new technology to drive
"Historically Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) were either completely isolated or only partially integrated with other corporate systems. Users accessing SCADA were usually only plant operators with manual or semi-automatic reports created for others. Advances in technology allow and also encourage much greater interaction between different operational systems and provide the ability to expose SCADA data to a much wider audience. This paper describes the technical aspects of designing and implementing examples of such an interface, as well as identifying the bene ts already realised as a result of its implementation. It also examines how this new technology changes existing culture and work practices and drives improvements in business processes. The examples covered in this paper are Sydney Water Corporation (SWC) implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) for the Metropolitan SCADA system (IICATS) and ongoing developments for extending BI to all the local Treatment Plant SCADA systems. There are many business areas that took advantage of this implementation. This paper focuses on the work done in the following areas: œ Identifying methods to extend the life of current SCADA/Telemetry systems and maximise the value of installed equipment to work smarter and harder; œ Improving corporate reporting to allow more informed business decisions to be made; œ Uncovering other bene ts of utilising Business Intelligence to further leverage the investments made in Advanced Control Systems."
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