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    International Water Association (IWA) is the largest international professional membership association dedicated to the improvement of water management worldwide in an environmentally sustainable way.


    Australian members of IWA are represented in the Australian Water Association by IWAA, the Australian committee of IWA.  The activities of the IWAA are generally integrated with those of AWA, with seminars and conferences jointly run in Australia.


    Members of IWA in Australia are entitled to a 10% discount on their AWA membership. You need to ask for this reduction on your AWA membership when you receive your renewal notice.


    The IWA homepage is


    If you have any enquiries regarding the IWA Australia Branch, please contact the IWAA Branch Administrator:


    Paul Smith
    02 9436 0055  F 02 9436 0155


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    Lvl 6, 655 Pacific Hwy, PO Box 222

    St Leonards NSW 1590