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    The H2Oz careers in water campaign was developed to respond to the lack of awareness of the ‘water industry’ and the breadth of opportunities it offers to prospective employees. The industry is grappling with the challenges of securing our future water supply in the face of uncertainty caused by climate change and as a result there are a number of innovations and infrastructure projects being undertaken over the next five to ten years. There are other general factors such as an ageing workforce which, without action, would affect the ability of organisations to sustain the development of the water industry in the short and long term.


    Consequently the water industry is working together to establish the 'H2Oz careers in water brand' to attract people to the unique aspects of the water industry:

    • Providing an essential service, contributing to the sustainable future of Australia, working to protect our environment  
    • Career opportunities, jobs all over Australia and also the world, varied work environment, many different fields


     The campaign design concepts centre around the communication that “It’s great to work in water” using bold imagery of people submerged whilst in various work situations.  


    The website is a one stop shop tailored for the water industry and the community and includes: education/course information, recruitment system, career pathways, media centre with employee testimonials as well as news and events.


    Advertise on the H2Oz website


    Following the establishment and success of the H2Oz careers in water brand, website and recruitment platform, AWA is now able to provide a unique, sophisticated and efficient water job advertising service. The H2Oz job board is accessible to all members and water sector stakeholders. H2Oz promotes to jobseekers within and outside of the water sector making it THE place to advertise and find your next role in the water sector.  

    To advertise simply complete and return the Recruitment Advertising Agreement along with a colour logo. Log in details will be provided for you to add, edit and manage your own jobs.

    More information is available under the 'Job Advertising' tab on the H2Oz website.


    The H2Oz careers in water project is managed by the Australian Water Association (AWA). The project was developed and supported by almost 30 organisations in the water industry and the National Water Commission.

    For more information on H2Oz careers in water please contact AWA: or
    02 9436 0055.

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