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  • We encourage all members to get the most out of their membership by getting actively involved. AWA offers many opportunities such as reviewing papers for AWA conferences or the Water Journal, sitting on a committee, speaking or chairing at events.    

     To this end we have set up a Community of Experts. 

    The Community of Experts will provide members with an opportunity to contribute their expertise or knowledge in a variety ways. This means that participating need not be an onerous task but may be a small commitment that offers the benefit of recognition for your contribution. It is just one way that AWA can tailor membership to individual interests.


    Members are invited to submit details of their area of expertise, and select the activities they wish to utilise their expertise in. The activities that members currently have the chance to participate in include:  

    • Reviewing papers for Water Journal and AWA conferences (e.g. Ozwater)
    • Chairing sessions at AWA events
    • Invited speakers at AWA events
    • Mentoring Program
    • Judging panels for various AWA awards
    • Representing AWA on advisory committees


    Join our Community of Experts today.
    Members of the Community of Experts are under no obligation to participate in every activity they express an interest in; therefore, you are in complete control of your time commitment.













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