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    This network aims to create opportunities for sharing and evolving knowledge to progress the field of Catchment Management across Australia.  Through doing this we build cohesive collegial networks and aim to develop leading edge practices that foster collaboration and integration together with other areas of the water sector and across Australia. 


     What is Catchment Management? 

    Catchment management, and in particular Integrated Catchment Management (ICM), has the objective of improving and integrating the management of land, water and related biological resources in order to achieve the sustainable and balanced use of these resources. 

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    ICM is the involvement of agencies, stakeholders and general public in policy making, planning, and management to promote sustainable use of natural resources and protect and improve the quality and quantity of water and the environment the water originates from. 


    One way to achieve the objectives of ICM is through the adoption of uniform principles that are flexible enough to develop management programs adapted to local conditions. The adoption of uniform national principles would facilitate a comprehensive audit and evaluation of catchment management programs, and modifications to be devised and implemented. At present there are no consistent national standards for catchment management across all states and territories.

     The 2015-17 Action Plan is under development and will be released shortly.  Watch this space!  

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    Ozwater'15 - Adelaide - 11 - 14 May 2015  


    Australia's international water conference and exhibition - Ozwater'15. The overall theme for the event is 'Water for Growth and Prosperity", with the below key sub-themes.  

    Suggested Ozwater'15 Catchment Management itinerary.   

    • Technology, Operations and Asset Management, 
    • Governance, Regulation and Structure, 
    • Water for Rural, Remote and Regional Communities, 
    • Water for Agriculture, Food and Beverages, 
    • Water for Mining, Resources and Power,  
    • The Customer and Community, and 
    • Liveable Cities. 


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    August 2014

    Latest newsletter is out now!


    Highlights include:

    • New water strategy for the ACT 
    • New stream and nested catchment framework for Australia 
    • New  regulation - EPBC amendment 
    • CSG Issues 
    • Catchment News 
      • Good news for rivers in Britain
      • Murray Darling water watch to protect birds and wildlife
      • Dismantling years of successful water management
      • CSIRO’s dam hunt helps plan for north

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    Got any ideas for our network?  We are driven by our member's interests, so why not send us an email and let's see what we can do!      



    We are driven by our member's interests. If you have any ideas for a project this network could work on to advance Catchment Management, just send us an email and let's see what we can do!    


    If you would like to contribute to this section, please email us for more information.