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    The introduction of a national school curriculum, the Australian Curriculum, presents an opportunity for water businesses and government agencies that deliver water education programs to collaborate efforts and become national advocates for water education . The Australian Curriculum Project is an industry wide project that will provide a means for the water sector to pool funds in order to combine efforts, resources and ensure the quality of water education messages delivered across all learning areas in Australia. This will lead to equity across the sector and allow for informed communities who are able to make balanced decisions about future water issues and infrastructure, such as desalination and recycling projects.

    The concept of the Australian Curriculum Project has been developed by representatives from the water sector. An initial Steering Committee was formed and developed the scope and a business plan. Members of the initial steering committee were from Sydney Water, Water Corporation, Qld Department of Environment and Resource Management, SA Water, Melbourne Water and AWA. Sydney Water and SA Water were the first to contribute financially, followed by a large spectrum of organisations and agencies.


    The Australian Curriculum Project is essential in ensuring existing water education materials are updated, new materials are developed and all resources are integrated into the Australian Curriculum and produced in a new and useable digital format. Working together will ensure resources are less duplicated, efforts can be shared and costs can be saved.


    Importantly this project offers the opportunity for the water sector to collaborate with national education agencies such as the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authroity (ACARA) and Education Services Australia (ESA). 

         AWA Curriculum project girls bucket

    The project was started in July 2012 for a three year period.

    Latest News

    11 December 2013
    Subscribers' Update available. To view the update, click here
    5 November 2013
    Do you want to promote one of your online curriculum resources to the teachers through Scootle? Are you unsure about the process and need some guidance?

    The Curriculum Project has developed exactly what you need: a water educator's guide to writing a Scootle template.

    Your online resource will need to align to the Australian Curriculum and you will need to submit a metadata record to Scootle, which you can do via the Australian Water Association’s Australian Curriculum Water Project (ACWP).

    The guide to writing a Scootle template is available for subscribers on GroupSpaces.

    1 October 2013
    Phase 1 of the project is now complete and some major project outcomes are now available on GroupSpaces!
    Log in to GroupSpaces to access the following:
    • The Audit Report
    • The Audit spreadsheet
    • The completed quality criteria forms for science and geography
    • The curriculum topic matrix for science and geography

    27 September 2013

    Subscribers' Update available. To view the update, click here.

    9 September 2013

    2012-13 Subscribers' Report available. To read about the project's achievements so far and planned activities, log in to GroupSpaces.

    15 August 2013
    Subscribers' Update available. To view the update, click here.  
    24 July 2013
    The National Water Commission has joined the project as a subscriber.
    3 June 2013
    Kara Spence from Greening Australia joins the Australian Curriculum Steering Committee. To 'meet' Kara click here. 
    30 May 2013
    Subscribers' Update available. To view the update click here.

     30 April 2013

    Will Inveen from Murray Darling Basin Authority joins the Australian Curriculum Steering Committee. To 'meet' Will click here.  


     8 April 2013 

    Nominations open for the three remaining places on the Australian Curriculum Project Steering Committee. The Steering Committee considers any aspect related to the development and operation of the Australian Curriculum.  

    The specific duties of the Committee are to:


    • Develop the key outcomes of the project;
    • ‘Champion’ and actively encourage involvement and support for the project from water sector organisations;
    • Provide input on funding model for the project;
    • Establish appropriate terms, conditions and procedures to ensure effective delivery of the project;
    • Develop and implement appropriate marketing strategies for the project;
    • Establish and appoint sub committees as it sees fit (with appropriate expertise) to help deliver the project;
    • Liaise with the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority, Education Services Australia, education institutions, the water and education sector to support the introduction, development and promotion of the Australian Curriculum Project;
    • Assess and review the performance of the project and report annually on the activities of the project to AWA and project stakeholders.
    4 April 2013
    We are pleased to announce that Mary Rowland from Aqius Education has been contracted to undertake the role of Water Education Curriculum Officer for the AWA Australian Curriculum Project – Water Education in Schools. Mary will work with AWA over the next six months auditing existing water education resources, identifying gaps in resources and linking resources to the Australian Curriculum. 
    Mary has extensive experience in education. Previously a secondary science teacher, she has developed water-related curriculum resources and delivered teacher professional learning for the Queensland Government's Water: Learn it for life! program. Mary has been actively engaged in water education for the past 15 year, during which time she has sat on a number of committees including the Australian Curriculum Steering Committee.  
    Mary will make contact with subscribers over the coming weeks to discuss their expectations of the project.
    6 March 2013
    Mary Catus-Wood, a member of the Curriculum Project Steering Committee, hosted a workshop on the Australian Curriculum Project at the National Water Education Conference. During the workshop participants heard about how the Australian Water Association and industry subscribers are collaborating to develop common messages and themes via a single framework, the Australian Curriculum Project. Martin Stone from Education Services Australia, the organisation contracted by the Australia Government to manage the Australian Curriculum Connect Project, talked on education resource portals and some of the challengers educators face when developing resources, such as Intellectual Property.


    25 February 2013
    Subscriber Update available. To view the update click here.  
    14 February 2013 
    The Water Industry Operators Association (WIOA) join with 20 other subscribers on the Australian Curriculum Project. 


    For more information or to contribute to this exciting new industry project, please download the Business Plan and Prospectus or contact AWA’s Project Manager:

    Hannah Lennock
    E or P 02 9436 0055