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  • The Young Water Professional of the Year Award recognises young water professionals who have had outstanding career achievements to date and who have the potential to play a large and influential role in the water industry.

    Winners from each state and territory will compete for the national title, gaining national recognition from across the Australian water industry.


    This award is open to all individuals under 35 years of age.   


    • Nominees must have contributed to the water industry.
    • Nominees must have raised the profile of careers in the water industry.
    • Nominees must have raised water awareness in the community.
    • Nominees must be recognised as a leader, communicator and/or educator amongst their colleagues, peers and the broader community.


    Please check whether your local branch offers the Young Water Professional of the Award. Where offered, nominations must be entered into the branch awards. Branch winners will be automatically nominated for the national award.


    Where no relevant branch awards are offered, nominations can be submitted directly to the AWA National Office.


    All entries will be assessed by a panel of three judges. The judging panel will consist of: one young water professional as nominated by the President of the National Young Water Professional Committee; one AWA representative; and one industry representative (from an organisation without a nominee for this award).    

    Submitting your nomination

     Nominations should be submitted electronically and must include the following information:

    • A completed nomination form
    • An executive summary outlining the main reason for the nomination (maximum 500 words)
    • Detailed information introducing the nominee and addressing the criteria (maximum 4 A4 pages)
    • Photo (jpg or similar format)
    • Biography (minimum 180 words, maximum 250 words)
    • Two letters of reference
    • Curriculum vitae summarising relevant experience and academic achievements to date (maximum 2 A4 pages)

    Closing date

    Nominations for the national award close 1 August 2014. Please note that the closing date for branch awards differs to the closing date for the national awards. Please check your branch web page for further information.



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