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    Do I qualify for discounted membership rates?  

    AWA currently offers discounts on Individual Membership rates to full-time students, recent graduates, retirees and the unemployed. A discount rate is also available for IWA Members and employees of AWA Corporate Members.


    Do I qualify for the reduced-rate Graduate Membership?

    Graduate Membership is available to those who have recently completed their training and are entering the workforce for the first time. It is available for up to 3 years from graduation. Applicants should apply in writing and supply a completed membership application form and relevant documentation to confirm that full time study was completed within the past 0 to 3 years.


    After I’ve joined how long before I start receiving benefits?

    You should receive your first AWA E-News within 2 weeks of sending your application. If joining online you can expect to receive your first AWA E-News the following Monday evening.
 Your New Member Kit containing your membership certificate will include the Water Directory and the current issue of the Water Journal and should reach you within four weeks of joining. The Membership Certificate enclosed in the New Member Kit will indicate your membership number, which can be used to log on to the members’ only area of the AWA website to access benefits such as past publications, event and seminar papers. You can also update your member details.


    When will my membership begin and how long does it run for?

    You can sign up for a new membership during any time of the year. Your Membership begins from the date it is created and runs for 12 months.


     I’m over 35 and don’t consider myself to be a “Young” Water Professional. Can I still be involved in the YWP Network?

    The YWP network is open to all AWA members, as are all events run by or listed as YWP events. In fact, interaction between younger and older members is encouraged, especially through schemes like the AWA Mentoring Program.


    How do I update my member record?

    You can log on to the website using your member ID (web username) and password and update your record details at any time of day or night, alternatively you can post, phone, email or fax the changes to our member services staff. Corporate members can update their Online Water Directory listings at any time using their Corporate Record web username and password. If you wish to update your organisation name or your membership ctaegory, please contact

    Can I renew and pay for more than 12 months of membership?

    Yes, simply note on your renewal invoice that you are paying two, three or  five years of dues and simply multiply the annual rate by the appropriate number of years. Our member services staff are happy to help and can handle multi-year payments over the phone or by fax and post.


    What is a pro-forma tax invoice?

    The pro-forma GST tax invoice issued for membership renewal is an ATO approved tax invoice. It is specifically designed for membership organisations who cannot enforce membership but must invite you to join or renew. Once payment is made against the pro-forma it automatically becomes a standard GST tax invoice/receipt. When payment is made a tax invoice/receipt will also be issued.


    How do I join my local branch of AWA?

    AWA is a national organisation where branches are fully integrated into the organisational structure. When you join AWA you automatically gain access to your branch activities and communications. The local organising committee will contact you soon after. 

    If I leave my current employment does my membership travel with me?

    Provided you have individual membership status, your membership will be valid for the remainder of the year. If you are a nominated corporate member representative (Platinum Plus Individual member) then this will not be transferable and you will need to take out an individual membership when changing employers.


    As an AWA Corporate Member are all our employees eligible for AWA member discounts for events and products?

    Not unless they hold individual membership. For large employing organisations special bulk member discounts can be obtained through our Platinum Plus membership arrangements. Contact our Membership Services department to discuss how to take advantage of these. Corporate members can nominate alternative employees to represent them at events to take advantage of their member discounts. This needs to be confirmed in writing by the corporate member contact.