Biogas generated from wastewater sludge is a powerful source of renewable energy.

SUEZ advanced technologies boost the production of biogas by adding external sources of organic waste to the anaerobic digestion process.

Using smart and reliable solutions, SUEZ collaborates with clients to leverage wastewater resources to exceed their financial and environmental targets.


Annual sewage sludge from 100,000 residents can recover biomethane to power 20 buses or 20 household waste collection trucks or 100 cars, saving 525,000 litres of diesel fuel. In other terms, one cubic meter of biogas can offset more than 1.1 litres of petrol.

Infographics on the biogas process and benefits

Wastewater treatment facilities around the world are turning to anaerobic digestion to harness this sustainable and economically viable resource. SUEZ has been working to boost the efficacy of this process through investing in advanced anaerobic co-digestion technologies, whereby additional organic waste streams – such as commercial kitchen and food processing waste, oils and grease – are introduced to wastewater sludge as the matter degrades.
It is a powerful combination, amplifying the volume and rate of biogas production. After refining it in Europe, SUEZ has worked with local utilities in its Australian wastewater treatment operations contracts, where it is delivering promising results.
Operating across both waste and water offers SUEZ and its clients great synergies in perfecting the process and closing the loop of the circular economy. Circular economy stimulates the local activity and carries various environmental benefits.

“What we are trying to do is create a wastewater treatment plant that is, at a minimum, energy neutral, by minimising the power used on site, and maximising the production of biogas and energy from wastewater and organic waste,” said SUEZ General Manager Business Development in Australia Stuart Gowans. “We are looking at resource recovery more fully, and trying to extend the value chain of what we can do with wastewater as a resource.”

SUEZ provides professional stewardship for biogas projects. From listening and understanding our clients’ local needs, we collaborate with them to develop projects from beginning to end.

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