Water efficiency labelling ramps up offering

Posted 21 September 2016

ShowerAustralia has its first registered four-star showers and six-star toilets following updates to the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme.

Until recently, the maximum possible rating for showers was three stars, while toilets with an integrated basin were capped at five stars.

WELS Regulator Tony Slatyer said the update was good news for consumers, who would now have access to even better information when choosing water-efficient appliances and products.

“The new WELS standard allows for registration of four-star showers [high pressure only] and six-star toilets, which are more efficient than could previously be registered,” Slatyer said.

“These new ratings will make it even easier for Australian consumers to choose efficient appliances that will use less water and save them money on their bills.”

The amendment provides transitional arrangements for high pressure showers currently registered until July 1, 2020.

Additional changes to the standard aim to streamline instructions for labelling and simplify the WELS label design.

“By influencing purchasing decisions, water efficiency labelling encourages water-saving innovations among suppliers and manufacturers, to make their products as water-efficient as possible,” Slayter said.

Slayter said the WELS system was having a considerable impact on water efficiency in Australia and beyond.

“It’s estimated that by 2021 using water efficient products could reduce domestic water use by nearly 150 billion litres each year – that’s an average of 6000 litres per person per year – and save Australians more than $1 billion through reduced water and energy bills,” he said.

“It’s little wonder that the WELS scheme has attracted interest overseas as well – both Singapore and New Zealand currently have similar labelling schemes, and China is also planning to adopt an equivalent system, which would result in large water savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.”