Unique museum collection puts our ties to water on display

Posted 2 March 2017

Water bottlesFrom a vial of tears to melted ice from Antarctica, the UK-based Museum of Water celebrates water in all forms – and it has crossed oceans to feature at the Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF). 

The museum has been collecting publicly donated water and accompanying stories for the past two years as a way of showcasing the precious liquid and celebrating its role in every aspect of life. 

The creative brain behind the museum is Amy Sharrocks, a live artist, sculptor and filmmaker. 

“[The] Museum of Water is an invitation to take part. It is an invitation to consider this precious liquid and to spend time with it, at a time when modern technology has eased our access to it so much that we take it for granted, sure that it will come out of our taps at the twist of a hand,” she said.

“But the construct of our modern days would change rapidly with any change to our water links.”

PIAF is providing opportunities for attendees to donate their own sample, asking: “If you could keep one water – what would you keep? Choose your water. Find something to put it in. Tell us why you brought it. We will keep it for you.”

“It could be the water from the bedside table after a night full of dreams, the tears of joy from a new father, the water from a pot of boiled potatoes on a family holiday, a lifelong surfer’s favourite reef break, the childish splashing from a muddy puddle – or even an empty bottle filled with the metaphoric scoops of cloud gathered during the flight to an exotic honeymoon destination.”

For more inspiration you can see the Museum of Water’s existing collection here

The festival runs until March 5.