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January 2016

Karlene Kanga 29 January 2016
Digital mapping offers affordable aerial insights
CSIRO researchers have successfully pioneered using an affordable digital aerial photography technique to map land cover...

29 January 2016
Suez overtakes Veolia in biggest player stakes
An incredibly in-depth report on the state of the global water industry has revealed the marked changes the business...

Karlene Kanga 27 January 2016
Inside Broken Hill’s rapid desalination installation
Broken Hill has gone from running out of water within months to having water security for up to five years, thanks to a rapidly...

27 January 2016
Start-up aims for home hydropower
A UK start-up is trying to bring hydropower to the masses, with small turbine systems designed to be placed in rivers and streams...

Karlene Kanga 25 January 2016
YWPs to lead innovation charge
Australia is lagging behind when it comes to innovation, and the water sector needs fearless young people to turn that around, says...

25 January 2016
SA Water calm on usage spike
SA Water says there is no need to ramp up water saving measures in Adelaide, despite a spike in usage over the summer period...

22 January 2016
Water needs to be part of urban canopy mix
A leading urban planning expert has welcomed the Federal Government’s renewed focus on tree planting in Australian cities but....

22 January 2016
Health concerns sparks US investigation into hydraulic fracturing chemicals
US researchers have called for further urgent study of the suite of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing...

21 January 2016
Fish discoveries prompt northern development concerns
Researchers have raised concerns over the environmental sustainability of developing northern Australia after a nine-month....

21 January 2016
Options, not ultimatums, key for potable recycling
The key to public acceptance of potable recycled water lies not in proving the safety of the technology but...

20 January 2016
Close eye on Hunter after pollution events
The Hunter River is under the microscope after two coal mine spills and a suspected blackwater event in recent days.

20 January 2016
El Niño slows its departure
The latest Bureau of Meteorology modelling shows the current El Niño has temporarily halted its decline.

19 January 2016
Water crises slip as global risk
Water crises have been overtaken as the biggest risk currently facing the globe, with the World Economic Forum’s latest

19 January 2016
Perth thirst drives aquifer request
A spike in domestic water use, combined with record low levels of runoff, has sent WA’s Water Corporation looking to...

18 January 2016
Water Minister calls for more storage, innovation
There are enormous opportunities to build capacity in Australian water infrastructure but innovation is needed to max...

18 January 2016
YWPs need to prepare for unpredictable world
Extreme weather events and climate variability will characterise the future of Australia’s water industry, and young ...

15 January 2016
Utility CIO: Water sector spoilt for innovation choice
There are more opportunities for innovation in the water industry than resources to explore those opportunities, says...

15 January 2016
International flavour strong for YWPs
Today’s young water professionals will spend most of their careers in a world made increasingly unstable by global water scarcities...

14 January 2016
Elemental research earns environmental win
Decades of research to prevent environmental degradation and boost human health have helped earned a senior UNSW...

14 January 2016
Legionella scare prompts hospital water review
The rediscovery of legionella pneumophilia at a Queensland hospital where two patients have died from Legionnaires’ disease...

13 January 2016
WA agriculture drive finds new target
WA has expanded its search for land suitable for irrigated agriculture, adding two new locations to its investigations.

13 January 2016
Gloom ahead for US water industry
The globe’s heaviest user of water has announced an ambitious push to put innovation in water sustainability front and centre.

12 January 2016
Review urges national fluorochemical limits
An independent review into the contamination of the Williamtown RAAF base and a vital nearby aquifer has called for rapid...

12 January 2016
US launches water sustainability ‘moon-shot'
The globe’s heaviest user of water has announced an ambitious push to put innovation in water sustainability front and centre.

11 January 2016
Utilities critical for innovation spark
Water utilities must partner with water technology providers if innovation is going to thrive in the Australian water industry, says ...

11 January 2016
Emma Johnston: Action on microbead pollution urged
A leading marine scientist has called on the Federal Government to lead a phase-out of microbeads in skincare products in Australia.

8 January 2016
Hidden bacteria helping purify water
Swedish researchers have discovered hitherto unknown communities of bacteria in household water pipes, theorising the bacteria...

8 January 2016
BoM confirms 2015 as one of the hottest ever
The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has confirmed the outsized influence of El Niño on Australia’s climate last year, with 2015 ...

7 January 2016
Australian business on board with water sustainability
Australian businesses managers overwhelmingly support sustainable water initiatives, according to a recent study of attitudes ...

7 January 2016
Michigan’s town water declared an emergency
A state of emergency has been formally declared in the US town of Flint, following months of residents being supplied polluted...

6 January 2016
Water shortages to squeeze power generation
Reductions in water availability fuelled by climate change could reduce the output more than four in five thermoelectric power ...

6 January 2016
Broken Hill switches on desal plant
A desalination plant has been switched on in parched Broken Hill, after the town switched from its supply from surface to bore ...

5 January 2016
Deadline approaching for Global Water Awards
Australian water professionals have until the end of the month to get their nominations in for this year's prestigious Global Water ...

5 January 2016
Victoria “well-placed to cope” with drought
Up to 50 Victorian towns could require water restrictions if the state’s dry weather continues but a new State Government report...

4 January 2016
Train crash pollutes Queensland waterway
Helicopters have been called in to apply doses of lime to a outback Queensland waterway after a freight train derailed, spilling ...

4 January 2016
Bold irrigation research strategy launched
The Federal Government has updated its National Water Use in Agriculture Research, Development & Extension (RD&E) strategy..