Call out for innovative solutions to reef water pollution

Posted 7 March 2017

Reef fishesThe Queensland Government is offering a $3.2 million “cash carrot” to attract innovative solutions to reducing water pollution in the Great Barrier Reef.

Minister for the Great Barrier Reef Dr Steven Miles said he hoped the incentive would generate solutions with a lasting effect on minimising the nutrients, sediments and pesticides in water flowing into the reef.

“I’m calling on innovators in water treatment system technology, agricultural management practices and ecosystem repair to come forward to help ... better protect the Great Barrier Reef,” he said.

“[We're] looking for proposals that will trial new technologies and practices that, once proven, can be adopted more widely.”

Funding of $2.25 million is available for trialling water technologies for nutrient and pest removal in reef catchments. The technologies can be completely new, or variations of ones that have been implemented successfully elsewhere.

“Water treatment systems such as wetlands, bioreactors and algae treatment will be considered to reduce nutrients and pesticides in agricultural runoff,” Miles said. 

An additional $950,000 has been earmarked for developing and trialling innovative farming practices, new tools and technologies, and novel ecosystem repair methods.

“The expressions of interest are open to all individuals and groups and will require proponents to offer matched funding (in-kind or cash) equivalent to the department’s contribution,” Miles said.

Expressions of interest can be submitted electronically for the two funds: innovative agricultural management practices and nutrient and pest reduction. Application are open until 7 April 2017.