Australian water sector builds business at Vietwater

Posted 12 December 2016

VIP's in front of Australian boothWater businesses involved in the Australian Water Association’s delegation to Vietwater Expo & Forum 2016 reported business leads valued at more than $15 million as a result of the five-day event.

International Manager Paul Smith said the program was an overwhelming success, with strong interest from the Vietnam water sector in Australian technological innovation and expertise.

“The Australian government's relationship with the Vietnam government is changing from a relationship based on development aid to one strengthening its focus on trade and investment, by helping to improve the business climate and expand the scope of business opportunities for mutual benefit,” Smith said. 

“Vietwater is a prime example of how we are achieving this. With support from the Australian government, ANZ Bank, Victorian government and the Australian Water Partnership, we were able to take the largest ever delegation of Australian water professionals to Vietwater 2016, including 72 individuals from government, utilities, R&D agencies and private sector companies.”

Aside from facilitating and strengthening business ties, the Association is also facilitating the implementation of a Vietnam-Australia utility twinning program.

Launched at Vietwater, the twinning program paired up five Vietnamese water utilities with five Australian counterparts. 

“The principal focus of the twinning program is to connect Australian water utilities with similar water utilities in Vietnam for the purpose of sharing knowledge and improving the ability of those water utilities to deliver safe, secure, efficient and sustainable water services,” Smith said. 

“Vietnam's water utilities are looking to Australian water utilities to understand both our reform experiences in dealing with climate change and implementing competition reform policies. 

“Australian utilities are in a good position to share their reform journey experiences with their counterpart water utility in Vietnam to improve their capacity to manage emerging challenges.”

Smith said he is looking forward to seeing the relationships fostered at Vietwater 2016 develop further in the future. 

“Doing business in Vietnam requires strong relationships. The Association’s role is to support relationships between the Australian and Vietnamese water sectors and raise the profile of our technological innovations and experts,” Smith said. 

“It’s from this platform of relationships that commercial opportunities have arisen.”

To learn more about the Australian Water Association delegation to Vietwater Expo & Forum 2016, download the post-event report available here.

 Download the post-event report now 

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