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6 December 2016
Western Australia river flows increased six fold
Parts of Western Australia have benefited from river flows up to six times greater than those of last year's dry winter, a recent report shows. The Department of Water's climate and streamflow assessment ...

6 December 2016
Gold mine waterway pollution lives on in Victoria waterway
Mercury and arsenic waterway pollution has been found to exceed sediment quality low-trigger values in at least 49% of sites monitored in a study of Victoria's historic gold mining areas. But the Environment ...

5 December 2016
Asset management at digital turning point
Digital technology is poised to upend how infrastructure is built and managed but Australia is at a turning point, and the next steps could determine whether the country is able to maximise the potential gains ...

5 December 2016
Zero emissions by 2050: water utilities in focus
With the Victorian government likely to commit to a target of net-zero emissions by 2050, the leading author of a proposed emissions reduction strategy says water utilities are in prime position to lead the charge ...

2 December 2016
Water pollution crackdown on Parramatta construction sites
Half of all development sites on the Parramatta River have been found to be in breach of environmental obligations around water pollution and fined a total of more than $127,000 in a recent compliance crackdown ...

2 December 2016
Flood modelling bolstered by data overhaul
Flood modelling should be more accurate and accessible following the first major upgrade of the Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) Guidelines in three decades. The update is the result of four years' collaboration ...

1 December 2016
Microplastics impacting wastewater treatment processes
Experts have said wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) must ramp up their monitoring of microplastics, warning the issue is much broader than microbeads from personal care products ending up in treated effluent ...

1 December 2016
Researchers halt CSG arsenic groundwater contamination
New CSIRO research has shed light on how to safely re-inject water produced by coal seam gas (CSG) extraction into aquifers without polluting the groundwater. Writing in The Conversation, CSIRO research ...

30 November 2016
Waterway pollution on top of Ministers’ agenda
An agreement to take action on waterway pollution, including microplastics, packaging and emerging chemicals, has been reached between Commonwealth, state and territory Environment Ministers. At the ...

30 November 2016
New centre for plumbers teaches water efficiency practices
A Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) has opened in Geelong, offering highly specialised trade and post-trade water efficiency training for workers in the plumbing industry. The state of the art ...

29 November 2016
Water sensitive urban development launched
A Melbourne housing development using the latest water-sensitive inventions to help slash drinking water use by 70% has been officially opened. Coinciding with the sale of the first lots at the Aquarevo ...

29 November 2016
Murray-Darling Basin shake up to strike new balance
Proposed amendments to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan could see a 70GL reduction to the northern basin water recovery target, and a decrease in three groundwater area recovery targets. The Murray ...

28 November 2016
New soil technology set to bolster irrigated farming practices
Irrigated farming is set to benefit from a new soil technology currently being developed by the CSIRO, which has the potential to dramatically reduce soil water evaporation. Australian researchers are ...

28 November 2016
Water utilities set to tackle cyber security
Rapidly rising levels of digitisation of water utility operations are delivering enormous efficiency gains but also means utilities are grappling with a major new risk – cyber attacks. The past year has seen ...

25 November 2016
New Murray-Darling Basin mechanism aims to ease water recovery
There might be no need for further water recovery in the southern Murray-Darling Basin following legislative changes, the Federal Government has stated. Bipartisan support for the Water Legislation ...

25 November 2016
Asset management systems crucial to water industry best practice
Asset failure can have “catastrophic” consequences and the water industry is not immune, which is why every organisation needs good asset management practices. “Every asset has a defined life and ...

24 November 2016
Water storage solution wins Aid Innovation Challenge
A portable water tank that takes under 10 minutes to assemble has won the international Aid Innovation Challenge. The Pak Flat Tank, which can be packed flat and is easily transportable, was developed ...

24 November 2016
New smartphone water quality technology tests for pathogens
'Citizen scientists' could drastically improve mapping of water quality issues with an inexpensive smartphone attachment and commercially available water test kits. Researchers at the University of Houston ...

23 November 2016
University partnership bolsters Iranian water management
The University of Melbourne will be collaborating with Sharif University of Technology in Iran to find solutions to urgent issues facing Iran’s Lake Urmia basin. University of Melbourne School of Engineering ...

23 November 2016
New NSW water portal boosts environmental water
A new internal New South Wales government water portal is set to act as a one-stop shop for agencies wanting to update environmental water data. Developed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries ...

22 November 2016
Queensland groundwater laws set to change
Queensland's new groundwater protection laws are being welcomed by farmers and environmentalists, but are sparking controversy among resource industry and government. The State Government ...

22 November 2016
Aussie states unite to diversify water sector learnings
For the first time, Queensland and New South Wales will be joining forces to offer water sector insights to delegates at the upcoming QWater in NSW Conference. QWater Committee Chairman Steve ...

21 November 2016
World-first study quantifies utility’s value to community
One of Australia’s leading water utilities has generated $72.4 million worth of benefits to environment and society – a revelation from a world-first water sector quantification study on integrated profit ...

21 November 2016
Recycled water leader named Legend of Water
Dr Nanda Altavilla, one of the country’s leading recycled water experts, has been named a NSW Legend of Water at a gala dinner earlier this month. One of three to be awarded the plaudit, Altavilla is ...

18 November 2016
Tsunami awareness on the rise in Australia
It might be one of the few natural disasters Australians don’t spend too much time worrying about, but boosting tsunami awareness is on the radar. Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre (JATWC) ...

18 November 2016
Wastewater education crucial for all Australians
World Toilet Day is an opportunity to ensure Australians – young and old – are not taking wastewater treatment processes and clean waterways for granted. TasWater Education Coordinator Gina Harvey ...

17 November 2016
Drugs in wastewater posing crop risks
Traces of over-the-counter drugs in sewage could present a danger to Australian agriculture as the use of recycled wastewater for irrigation grows. Griffith University School of Natural Sciences’ Dr Mike ...

17 November 2016
Pumped hydro study backs renewables boom
Off-river pumped hydro energy storage could help Australia reach 100% renewable energy generation at very competitive prices, an ANU-led study has found. Researchers are scouring the country for ...

16 November 2016
Toilets in focus for international sanitation goals
Aid groups are urging Australian water professionals to use World Toilet Day to reflect on how they can help achieve universal access to water and sanitation. The United Nation's worldwide event, set ...

16 November 2016
Water security in focus for South Australia
Maintaining communities’ confidence in water security is one of the water industry's biggest challenges moving forward, according to AWA South Australia Branch President John Ringham. “The challenge ...

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