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26 May 2017
New water infrastructure opportunities identified to soak Australia’s north
The CSIRO has identified eight potential new dam sites in the northern Australia. The Northern Australia Water Resources Assessment (NAWRA) project progress report comes at the halfway ...

25 May 2017
Queensland builds resilience to extreme weather events with largest-ever flood study
The Queensland Government has released what it calls the “most detailed and comprehensive flood study ever undertaken in Australia” in an effort to help the state prepare for future extreme ...

24 May 2017
State budget deficits exacerbate hikes in water prices
Water bill hikes in Western Australia are likely to be exacerbated by funding cuts announced in the Federal Budget, State Treasurer Ben Wyatt has warned. Wyatt is in the process of preparing a ...

23 May 2017
New report reveals water resources costs shifting to residential consumers
The water resources and services industry achieved a 30% increase in revenue between 2009-10 and 2014-15, according to a recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report. It found the water...

22 May 2017
Australian water technology and project excellence snaps up international awards
Australian water businesses have been recognised as some of the best in the world at the recent Global Water Awards and Summit. Water Corporation, TasWater, the Australian Water Recycling  ...

18 May 2017
New initiative asks the water industry to contribute stories of inclusion and diversity
The Australian Water Association, in collaboration with the Australian Water Partnership and Australian Aid, has launched a new program focused on increasing equality and diversity in the water ...

18 May 2017
Digital technology the key to a more agile water industry workforce
If the water industry is going to resolve challenges in a timely way, professionals need a new skillset, and they’ll need to know how to think on their feet. “Digital innovation is nonlinear and exploratory...

18 May 2017
Utilities one step closer to predicting pipe breaks before they happen
Chokes and corrosion are common problems for sewage and water pipes, but new technologies could allow utilities to deal with these problems before they become an expensive public hazard. Delegates ...

18 May 2017
Water industry’s best and brightest on display at national awards ceremony
The Ozwater'17 Gala Dinner & Awards Night were certainly a night to remember – not just for the calibre of finalists and winners, but for the chance it gives this growing and changing industry to highlight...

17 May 2017
How the water industry contributes to cities of the future
Our water issues continue to become more complex, which means the industry needs to stay agile to keep its feet steady on shaky ground. However, as Wednesday’s keynote speakers discussed ...

17 May 2017
How the water industry can lead the way to a sustainable future
When we consider the disruption facing the water industry, we should remember the words of Albert Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created ...

17 May 2017
Utilities need to make great customer experience a priority, say experts
Water utilities must invest in customer care and a personalised approach if they wish to remain competitive in the long term, delegates at the Ozwater’17 conference in Sydney heard yesterday. An...

17 May 2017
Photo gallery: Ozwater’17 Happy Hour at the Club House
After a packed first day of keynotes, stream sessions, panel discussions and workshops, delegates decompressed and swapped stories over a drink – or two – at the Ozwater’17 Happy Hour at the ...

16 May 2017
How the water industry can push past the fear of failure
Risk is an inherent part of innovation, yet many organisations – particularly those in conservative industries like water – are risk averse. Is this fear of failure holding the industry back? As an example...

16 May 2017
Photo gallery: Ozwater’17 Welcome Networking Evening
Ozwater’17 delegates touched down in Sydney yesterday, and it wasn’t long before the event’s festivities began. After registering and picking up their conference packs, delegates headed to the ...

16 May 2017
How the water industry can turn challenges into opportunities
Our water issues continue to become more complex, which means the industry needs to stay agile to keep its feet on shaky ground. However, as Wednesday’s keynote speakers will discuss ...

15 May 2017
Bottled water is booming, but what does its popularity mean for water utilities?
Bottled water has risen through the ranks to become a part of our daily lives, despite the top-shelf standards of Australia’s tap water. A recent study by IBISWorld found that Australia’s bottled water ...

15 May 2017
Cloud brightening might be the silver lining that saves the Great Barrier Reef from bleaching
Brightening clouds above the Great Barrier Reef could save the coral below, Australian scientists believe. University of Sydney postdoctoral research associate Daniel Harrison said marine cloud ...

12 May 2017
Call-out for water sustainability innovations to nominate for international prize
As residents of the driest inhabited continent on Earth, Australia’s water industry is taking a leading role in water security solutions and water sustainability. And an international water prize is the ...

12 May 2017
How do we solve our water security and reform issues?
The future of water security and reform in Australia is up for discussion, and the Australian Water Association is calling on members to share their views. The organisation has released a number ...

11 May 2017
Here’s why volunteers are crucial to Australia’s water industry
Volunteers make the world go round, and this National Volunteer Week, the Australian Water Association would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers who help to keep things running smoothly ...

11 May 2017
New Victorian budget puts water security front and centre
Victorian water security has received a $116 million boost in the state budget, including $60 million for water management initiatives. After announcing the investment in the state’s 2017/18 Budget ...

10 May 2017
Student water research contributes to solving future agricultural problems
Water research made waves at the recent Sydney Royal Easter Show, where two students were recognised for their work on heavy metal contamination in aquatic systems and water deficit in crops ...

10 May 2017
Citizen scientist app accelerates disaster relief response
Researchers are testing a new system that allows the general public to assist in disaster relief efforts by identifying damage using real-time mapping software. The team of researchers from the International ...

9 May 2017
Innovative method extracts fertilisers as by-product of wastewater treatment
An innovative and energy-efficient wastewater treatment method could remove up to 99% of phosphorus and sulphate, and enable their reuse as fertilisers. According to researchers from Aalto University...

9 May 2017
Controversial mine faces million-dollar fine after sediment water discharge
Mining company Adani could face a multimillion dollar fine after sediment water containing eight times the authorised level of coal was discharged from their Abbot Point coal terminal. The discharge ...

8 May 2017
What is missing from urban water resources management projects?
Water resources management that promotes liveability is often a positive by-product of urban projects, but it should be standard practice, says NSW Young Water Professional of the Year Shona Fitzgerald...

8 May 2017
How water utilities can prepare for the rise of extreme weather events
With extreme weather events becoming increasingly common as a result of climate change, the water industry needs to learn how to adapt to these changing conditions, keep calm and carry on. An ...

5 May 2017
Queensland explores solutions to future water security issues
Queensland’s new 30-year water security plan predicts South East Queensland's water grid can meet regional demand until 2040 – but after that things aren’t so certain. The Water Security Program ....

5 May 2017
Engineers find way to manipulate water and oil using only light
Water could be separated from oil using only light in a new system developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers. Some processes, such as drilling for oil, cause water and oil to ...

4 May 2017
New grants in place to develop the next generation of Victoria’s water leaders
Are you or someone you know on track to be part of the next generation of water resources management in Victoria? A new State Government grant aims to support the professional development ...

4 May 2017
Are NSW water markets living up to expectations?
Water markets are delivering expected economic and environmental benefits across the Murray Darling Basin, a report from the Department of Primary Industries has found. Water markets ...

3 May 2017
Innovative Australian water technology enters international market
A Queensland water technology startup's engineering data management solution is experiencing strong demand from the US water industry. Tech startup RedEye has announced a strategic ...

3 May 2017
Industry should look to younger generations as water sustainability allies
Millennials are least likely to understand water consumption costs, yet this generation is becoming the vocal and enthusiastic supporters of water sustainability that the industry has been ...

2 May 2017
New tech might solve water security and pollution problems in one go
Parts of the developing world suffer from plenty of plastic rubbish and water security issues. The solution to both problems might be 3D printing. Deakin University is developing a world-first ...

2 May 2017
Source of water contamination in Perth children’s hospital finally confirmed
Lead contamination in the water supply of Perth's new children's hospital likely came from disturbed residues in the surrounding ring main and lead leaching from fittings and fixtures in hospital ...

1 May 2017
Are batteries the next wave of renewable energy solutions for water utilities?
Is battery storage part of a viable renewable energy solution for water utilities? Under what circumstances? And at what price? These are just some of the questions a Victorian provider is attempting ...

1 May 2017
Sydney Water nets major awards for clever customer engagement campaign
A low-budget customer engagement campaign has netted Sydney Water numerous awards, helped propel an international movement, and delivered significant benefits to customers and the ...

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