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22 August 2017
‘Flushable’ dog poo bag manufacturer in hot water
The ongoing battle against wet wipes in pipes has evolved, with utilities pointing the finger at a new wastewater management offender: ‘flushable’ dog poo bags. ABC’s War on Waste podcast recently ...

22 August 2017
Groundwater could be the solution to Broken Hill’s water woes
A proposed pipeline between Broken Hill and the Murray River could be unnecessary, following new research into a large source of fresh groundwater in the Darling River floodplain. The NSW Gov ...

21 August 2017
New strata service to reduce water charges in Sydney buildings
Early results from Sydney Water’s WaterFix strata service show the program could save one Sydney CBD apartment building up to $44,000 a year in water charges. Owners and tenants at the high-rise ...

21 August 2017
Water contamination fears for Katherine
Water restrictions will be applied in Katherine from 21 August in an effort to curb the use of PFAS-contaminated bore water for drinking supplies. Bore water makes up to 30% of Katherine’s drinking ...

18 August 2017
Melbourne utility capturing biogas to improve energy efficiency
Melbourne Water’s Western Treatment Plant (WTP) is one step closer to becoming energy positive thanks to a new approach to anaerobic lagoon covers. Although harvesting biogas from wastewater ...

18 August 2017
Study suggests Flint water contamination crisis could have been prevented
New research into the Flint drinking water contamination crisis supports the claim that lead leached into the system as a result of treatable corrosion. Previous investigations have concluded that lead ...

17 August 2017
Hobart cable car testing could put water supply at risk
Geological testing for a potential cable car on kunanyi/Mt Wellington could pose a significant threat to Hobart’s water sustainability, according to Hobart City Council. The council has raised concerns about ...

17 August 2017
Water utility requests price hike in Queensland
Water utility Seqwater wants to increase Queenslanders’ water bills after recording a $163 million revenue shortfall. The significant drop in earnings has been put down to a drop in water consumption ...

16 August 2017
Effective stakeholder engagement boosts success of SA irrigation project
No one knows an area like the locals, which makes them a valuable asset for any water works project. And as one organisation found out, effective stakeholder consultation provides increased efficiencies ...

16 August 2017
How Australian utilities are getting it right the first time
Real-time data is being harnessed by Australian utilities to bolster decision-making processes, response times and workforce deployment thanks to the development of an intuitive web-based dashboard ...

15 August 2017
Melbourne sewerage pipeline transformed into community parkland
From an open channel dividing the community, to a parkland bringing people together and providing smart water solutions; Melbourne's historic Main Outfall Sewer (MOS) is being transformed. As part of ...

15 August 2017
SA treatment plants use bacteria to eliminate odour from sewage
South Australian engineers have enlisted microbes and activated carbon filters in the fight against foul-smelling gases emanating from Adelaide’s sewer lines. Brian Murphy, Simon Bradshaw and Kevin Yerrell ...

14 August 2017
Innovative engineer uses bacteria to remove nitrogen from wastewater
Nitrogen removal is set to become quicker and cheaper for Australian utilities as a result of a new process developed by Western Australian engineer Dr Raj Kurup. Environmental Engineers International ...

14 August 2017
New WSAA white paper advises how utilities can meet Sustainable Development Goals
A new white paper outlines the important role Australian utilities will play in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and suggests the utilisation of a common framework across the industry ...

11 August 2017
Tasmanian irrigators take to the skies with drones
Farmers in Tasmania’s Bothwell region are making use of drone technology in preparation for the Southern Highlands Irrigation Scheme. The $31 million project has been set up to provide water to farmland ...

11 August 2017
ICAC issues fresh corruption findings in relation to AWH
A spate of fresh corruption findings have been levied by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) against three former NSW Labor ministers regarding a deceptive cabinet submission relating ...

10 August 2017
Yarra Valley Water named one of Australia’s best employers
Yarra Valley Water has become the first government enterprise in a decade to be named on the prestigious list of the country’s best employers. The Victorian utility made the Aon Hewitt Best Employers ...

10 August 2017
World’s first water positive beer launches in US
The world’s first beer to be declared “water positive” has launched a new product in the US. Costa Rican company Cerveza Imperial has announced Colorado will be the first state in the world to sell its...

9 August 2017
NSW minister grants himself power to approve illegal Murray-Darling Basin works
The NSW Government has been accused of undermining the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, after Minister Niall Blair granted himself power to approve illegal floodplain works retrospectively. The powers, set ...

9 August 2017
AI could be the future of decision-making in the water industry
A South Australian researcher has developed a way to use artificial intelligence (AI) to solve stormwater system management and other problems facing the water industry. Dr Michael Di Matteo, a postgraduate ...

8 August 2017
Update: water theft allegations prompt Murray-Darling Basin review
The Federal Government has ordered an independent review of Murray-Darling Basin water use following allegations of water theft last month, despite the Minister for Water initially insisting that a review ...

8 August 2017
Aussie utilities asked to participate in new research
WaterRA is calling for Australian utilities to participate in a new round of research aimed at understanding what influences customer preferences relating to water service provision and asset management ...

7 August 2017
The power of poo
Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) has unveiled Australia’s first poo-powered car. Well, it doesn’t technically run on poo. But it is powered by electricity generated from human waste, said QUU spokesperson ...

7 August 2017
5 ways the water industry is ready for a big data revolution
As the digital capabilities of water industry organisations grow by leaps and bounds, questions about the use and management of big data are flying. We asked five industry leaders for their thoughts ...

4 August 2017
UN identifies water war hot spots
A new study has predicted the risk of water wars will soar in four regions over the next 30 years, as neighbouring nations face deteriorating water security. As part of the UN’s Transboundary Waters ...

4 August 2017
Fracking under the microscope in NT
Effective water management will be a crucial factor to achieve if prospective fracking is to go ahead in the Northern Territory, an independent panel has reported. The interim report was handed down ...

3 August 2017
Australian utility receives international kudos for innovation
South East Water has been heralded as a world-leader in innovation by being inaugurated as a member of the Leading Utilities of the World (LUOW). The LUOW Advisory Board inducted six new ...

3 August 2017
Breakthrough research clears a path for wastewater treatment advances
The cause of the ‘storminess’ in fluid during sedimentation has long kept the minds of scientists swirling. But new research has settled a debate that could lead to advances in wastewater treatment ...

2 August 2017
Improving access to water linked to boosting gender equality, research finds
Gender equality in water-related work in developing regions has been highlighted in recent years, but one researcher argues that efforts to help are failing to address specific gender needs. Emory ...

2 August 2017
SA waterway health project benefits local environment and agriculture
A project manipulating weir pool levels to improve waterway health in South Australia’s Murray River has won the Australian Water Association Environmental Improvement Award at the 2017 Smart ...

1 August 2017
3D printing used to build cheap, reliable water quality sensors
3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has now been used to produce a device that monitors drinking water quality in real time. Canadian researchers have developed miniature water quality sensors ...

1 August 2017
Water theft allegations spur calls for Murray-Darling Basin Plan investigation
The Murray-Darling Basin Plan (MDBP) is taking heat following allegations that water has been harvested by NSW irrigators out of accordance with MDBP water allocations. A Four Corners investigation...

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