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24 February 2017
New research a game changer for water contamination cleanup
The monitoring of water contamination from uranium – and subsequent cleanup – near former mining sites could improve thanks to new findings out of the US. Researchers discovered ...

24 February 2017
Utility explores “more equitable” funding for water resources management
Capital costs incurred through water resources management should be shared as developers work to meet projected population growth with brownfield developments. That's the thinking ...

23 February 2017
TasWater hits back over disparaging comments about water infrastructure
Tasmania's treasurer should stop criticising and start helping when it comes to tackling the state's aging sewage and water infrastructure, TasWater owners have said. The comment ...

23 February 2017
New research centre spotlights water sustainability in Australia’s north
Efforts to develop northern Australia's food bowl have been given a boost with the rollout of a new $75 million research centre. Applications are now open through the Collaborative ...

22 February 2017
Why volunteer experience enhances professional development
Whether through his professional or volunteer experience, Darwin Power and Water employee Peter Poole has been contributing to the health and wellbeing of Darwin for more ...

22 February 2017
Can coal seam gas be safely re-injected into groundwater?
Water produced from coal seam gas (CSG) extraction can be safely re-injected into groundwater if it's appropriately pre-treated, CSIRO research has shown. With coal seam gas ...

21 February 2017
WA begins cleanup after extreme flooding
The south-west region of Western Australia braced itself against extreme flooding after storms hit large areas of the state during the past couple weeks. The storms have already ...

21 February 2017
Federal government gives green light for Australian-first pumped hydro project
The Australian Government will invest in alternative energy solutions, including pumped hydro technology, with the aim of generating greater stability for Australia’s energy grids ...

20 February 2017
Flexibility, not fixed targets, the key to better water conservation?
Replacing fixed water conservation targets with a flexible methodology might be more effective and could deliver a range of benefits, a Sydney Water economist has found. The utility ...

20 February 2017
New water research leads to breakthrough for controlling surface flows
An Australian water research discovery could help water managers clean up chemical spills and control films on the water's surface. Scientists at the Australian National University ...

20 February 2017
Looking forward to National Water Week 2017
It may only be February, but the Association and the Water Education Network already have their sights fixed firmly on October, and the celebration of our industry and our most precious ...

17 February 2017
Near-failure of Oroville Dam in the US causes mass evacuation
Engineers are rushing to repair faults in the tallest dam in the US – Oroville Dam in California – ahead of more rain. Almost 190,000 downstream residents were evacuated on Sunday ...

17 February 2017
Does Australia have the best water in the world on tap?
TasWater is vying for the title of Best Water in the World after shipping out a sample from its Barrington water treatment plant. Eleven litres of the tap water is on its way to the Berkeley ...

16 February 2017
NT water licenses under review over community concerns
Water licences issued under the previous Northern Territory government are being reviewed after community members raised concerns about unfair grant processes. The incumbent ...

16 February 2017
Call for water infrastructure projects to share huge funding pool
Australia’s aging water infrastructure is getting a boost with the establishment of a $2 billion funding pipeline from the Federal Government. Applications are now open for the National ...

15 February 2017
Tasmania’s irrigation network gets a major funding boost
Tasmania is expanding its irrigation network with a 5200ML irrigation scheme in the state's north-west. The $30 million Duck Irrigation Scheme will deliver high-security irrigation water ...

15 February 2017
Scientists surprised by discovery of Great Barrier Reef landslide
An undersea landslide approximately 30 times the volume of Uluru has been discovered off the Great Barrier Reef, prompting scientists to model the tsunami that it could have caused ...

14 February 2017
It’s game on for drought-affected Victoria
Victoria's bowling greens will stay green and its fairways lush under a state government plan to drought-proof sports and recreation facilities with alternative sources of recreational ...

14 February 2017
Water security outranked only by nuclear threat in global crisis standings
Extreme weather events and water security are among the greatest global threats to business and society – surpassed only by concerns about weapons of mass destruction ...

13 February 2017
Water infrastructure project resurrects old methods
Some might say they don't make 'em like they used to, but that wasn't the case for a recent Melbourne Water project that saw the old art of hand tunnelling resurrected in order ...

10 February 2017
Why long-term water sustainability needs a holistic approach
Peace and justice, gender equality and education might not strike you as immediate concerns for water professionals, but according to one expert, they are all related to water ...

10 February 2017
Results from floating wastewater treatment plants show promise
Man-made floating wetlands could be a cheap and efficient method of wastewater treatment, a US study has shown. Researchers from Saint Francis University and the University of ...

9 February 2017
Water pollution trials a win-win for farmers and environment
Alternative methods will be trialled in a bid to reduce water pollution caused by nitrogen and sediment in south-east Queensland waterways. The new $2.5 million project will focus ...

9 February 2017
SA sewerage upgrade works to accommodate urban development
SA Water is preparing for projected growth in urban development and population with a $11.4 million sewerage network upgrade. Work has begun on the section of the network ...

8 February 2017
Unique development will double as water sustainability experiment
A new mixed residential development in Sydney's west is set to double as a laboratory for testing integrations between water sustainability and living solutions. Property developer ...

8 February 2017
Australian water management expertise aids Pakistani agriculture
Australia and Pakistan have ramped up efforts to boost agriculture and improve water management with a $15 million Water Program. When announcing the collaboration, Australian ...

7 February 2017
Indigenous groups demand greater input on Murray-Darling Basin plan
The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has extended the deadline for submissions on proposed Basin Plan amendments following requests from members of the community for ...

7 February 2017
Industry collaboration to develop handheld water pollution detector
A national collaboration aims to develop new methods for sensing water pollution from toxic organic compounds using a palm-sized portable device. Launched in Sydney, the NSW ...

6 February 2017
Study finds disconnect between asset management theory and practice
Big data, smart asset management and customer-centricity are driving the water sector, but the industry is just in the early stages of gearing up to embrace them, a new study has found ...

6 February 2017
Australian-led project set to improve water security in urban slums
What would it take to bring clean drinking water and improve water security in some of the world’s poorest areas? An Australian-led and internationally recognised project is determined ...

3 February 2017
SA water testing reveals dramatic spike in drug use
Water testing of Adelaide's wastewater has revealed a 25% spike in methamphetamine use over the past year, and a tripling of consumption over the past five years. Under the project ...

3 February 2017
Can tsunamis be stopped in their tracks?
Tsunamis could be stopped before they hit the coastline, a Welsh mathematician has proposed in a study of deep-ocean sound waves. Dr Usama Kadri, from Cardiff University's School of ...

2 February 2017
SA treatment plant harnesses the power of biosolids
South Australia's largest wastewater treatment plant is now 87% energy self-sufficient, thanks entirely to biogas production from biosolids. Self-sufficiency at the 150ML/day Bolivar WWTP has ...

2 February 2017
Water technology challenge looks to create something from nothing
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has ramped up calls for international innovators to take on the Australian Aid co-sponsored “Water Abundance Challenge” during her recent visit to the United ...

1 February 2017
NT looking for innovative recycled water uses
Commercial horticulture ventures using recycled water can now apply to lease land at central Australia's Arid Zone Research Institute. The Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries ...

1 February 2017
Queensland trials new method to fight invasive species in wetlands
Let the wetlands dry out – that could be the simple solution to the problem of invasive flora and fauna in one of north Queensland's coastal ecosystems. After all, seasonal water flows were ...

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