Policy & Advocacy

An increasing aspect of the Australian Water Association’s role as Australia’s leading water sector body is promoting the views of our members before decision-makers, including public representatives, opinion leaders, government agencies, the media and other key stakeholders.
For an Association whose membership is as diverse as the Australian Water Association, the promotion of members’ views presents some unique challenges.
We remain keen, nevertheless, to build knowledge and provide insights to support sound and evidence-based decision making to water sector professionals and to the Australian community generally.
Consequently, we have put increasing emphasis on policy development and advocacy in order to make a positive and meaningful contribution to national discussions about water.
Enhanced activity in the area of policy and advocacy will position the Australian Water Association as the organisation to which one naturally turns to obtain considered, innovative and evidence-based comment on critical issues.

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The development of effective and responsive policy within the Australian Water Association 

The Australian Water Association periodically publishes Position Papers and other submissions on matters of key interest to members. These are developed in conjunction with members, or developed independently by members. In order to ensure consistency and the high-quality that is a hallmark of the Australian Water Association, the Board of the Association has endorsed a procedure for the development of such responses.
The Australian Water Association Position Papers have been developed to provide information to stakeholders and interested parties.
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A selection of Discussion Papers are available for download on our website.
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Copies of recent and past submissions can be found on our submissions page.
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The Australian Water Association with support from the Water Management Law and Policy Specialist Network has developed policy principles. These principles are to guide the Association’s review of government policies.
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The Australian Water Association and Deloitte State of the Water Sector Report is the only one of its kind, reporting on the trends and insights of water sector professionals about their own industry.
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