Professional Development

The Australian Water Association has broadened its role in the delivery of water industry training at the national level. The looming skills deficit with fewer graduates entering the water sector and older workers moving on to retirement has been the principal driver for this move. Therefore, the Australian Water Association has been developing professional training opportunities for industry participants, as well as mentoring programs.

To date, our national training has been directed at updating members on industry policy and regulatory issues (via seminars and technical meetings) introducing research and new technologies for improving treatment plant operations (via master classes and workshops), and offering online training programs for regional members and those seeking to learn in their own time.

Through partnerships with other training providers, those new to the industry have been able to gain an overview of the sector while those seeking to identify the new big initiative, have gained through programs provided by academic partners. This aspect of the Australian Water Association's training is under further development and the website will be updated when the new arrangements are in place.

Mentoring is also an important part of your professional development. At the instigation of the Young Water Professionals (YWP), the Australian Water Association has launched mentoring programs in a number of states over the last few years, and currently more than 450 people are involved.

The Australian Water Association is looking to expand and improve the program and encourages both young water professionals and established practitioners to get involved.

Making the sharing of expertise and knowledge easier than ever; we are breaking down the restrictions of interstate travel with our webinar series aiming to connect Australians nationally and internationally.
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If you are looking to enhance your knowledge but can’t escape the workplace or make it to an urban centre, our online training program is the perfect solution.
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Join over 450 of your colleagues in one of the Association’s mentoring programs. Mentoring is a great way to develop your skills and networks and to learn from the experiences of others.
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Association members can benefit from discounted training rates with a number of leading industry organisations.
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Our Membership Matters career webinar series has been established to offer accessible, bite size opportunities for you to brush up your skills and gain insights from leaders across the water industry.
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If you are a job seeker or just looking for further information about the Australian water industry, our H2Oz jobs website provides you all the information you need.
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The Water Industry Skills Taskforce (WIST) was established in 2008 to promote and oversee a nationally coordinated effort to address the skills shortage in the water sector.
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