The Water Industry Operator Certification Taskforce (WIOCT) was formed in August 2018 to replace the Water Industry Skills Taskforce (WIST) and focus exclusively on the Water Industry Operator Certification Framework. The WIST had been in operation for the previous ten years to promote and oversee a nationally coordinated effort to address the skills shortage in the water sector and was originally led and administered by AWA. In early 2015, qldwater (The Queensland Water Directorate) took over the secretariat function for WIST with Certification as the major ongoing focus. 

After overseeing the development of a range of new documents and amendments to national Operator Certification Frameworks, the WIST decided to wind up its operations in August 2018, with the functions of ‘Framework Owner’ for Operator Certification Frameworks transferred to the newly formed WIOCT with
qldwater continuing as secretariat. In addition to its role of Framework Owner, WIOCT’s purpose is to champion the implementation of Water Industry Operator Certification in Australia and consider any future expansion of the Framework.

At its first meeting, the WIOCT approved the
Water Industry Operator Certification Framework: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Recycled Water 2018 for publication along with updates to a number of other supporting documents. The combined Certification Framework supersedes both the Certification Framework for Operators within Drinking Water Systems 2017 and the Certification Framework for Operators within Wastewater and Recycled Water Treatment Systems 2017. The Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) continues as the national Certifying Body appointed by the WIOCT. 

The Framework will be reviewed as required, with the next likely to be an update to the document to reflect changes to the National Water Package, expected in late 2019.

The Taskforce comprises CEO-level representation from the water industry and related education and government sectors. Current members of the Water Industry Operator Certification Taskforce are: 

  • The Queensland Water Directorate (Dave Cameron) 
  • The Australian Water Association (Jonathan McKeown) 
  • Australian Industry Standards (Klausch Schmidt) 
  • Wannon Water (John Harris) 
  • Coliban Water (David Sheehan) 
  • Western Water (Jeff Rigby) 
  • The Water Services Association of Australia (Adam Lovell, Peter Gee) 
  • The International Water Centre (Mark Pascoe) 
  • The Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (George Wall) 
  • The NSW Water Directorate (David Oxenham, Brendan Guiney) 
  • Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (Carmela Luisetto - observer)

For more information about the WIOCT or Certification Framework visit https://www.qldwater.com.au/Skills_water_operator_certification .

Latest Update

For more information contact Dave Cameron.

Documents for download

Certification Framework for DW Operators 2017

Certification Framework for Operators of RW and WW Systems 2017

Certification Regulatory Options Paper 2017

Water Industry Skills Taskforce Communique – April 2016

Certification Framework 2016 - Operators within Drinking Water Treatment Systems

WIST Communique June 2015

NWC Submission from WIST – December 2013

WIST Communique – June 2013 

National Certification Framework Background and Options Paper NWC – Feb 2013

National Certification Framework Final Report – March 2012

Proposed National Certification Framework – March 2012

Water Industry Skills Forum Report – Jan 2013      

National Water Skills Strategy Business Plan Review – Feb 2012

AWA National Water Skills Audit Report – 2011

National Water Skills Business Plan - Oct 2010    

COAG National Water Skills Strategy - Dec 2009  

National Water Skills Audit - June 2008